Maccast 2008.05.22

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Atom tablet coming from Apple and Intel? This weeks 3G iPhone watch. Add 12 more countries to the iPhone global dominion. The AT&T iPhone wi-fi saga continues. Mac sales up 50% for April. Phishing scam targets iTunes users. New Apple get a Mac ads, including an extended cut. Western Canada finally represents with an Apple Store. LED backlighting in all Mac Notebooks by 2009. Pystar Patches their Mac Clones. Apple and CBS sued over Mighty Mouse. Correction on OS X server pricing. Correction on using Time Machine restore. Follow-up on Entourage to iPhone Sync. Connecting your Mac to a TV. Mac changes name on wake from sleep. How to print out Safari Bookmarks. A little Apple history lesson. Using the Mac to do a Blog. Quicklook stole my shortcut.

EOL: 7th Son Obsidian

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  1. Peter | May 25 2008 - 03:12

    I love your show, thanks for a great podcast.

    In the last episode you talked about the listener who needed to print a list of his Safari bookmarks. Safari Prairiefire 1.3.2 from Balooba Software generates a list of the user’s bookmarks and allows for the user to edit the URL links or the bookmark’s names (for example http ://www. to something easier, like NY Times).

    The probably most useful feature is that it automatically can scan all bookmarks and identify dead or missing links. The user can then choose to edit or to delete the links with the bookmark entirely from Safari.

    Feel free to check it out at Building the list and using the print feature does not require registration and can be done directly in the free demo mode. The user can print lists that can also be sorted based on URL, name for the bookmark, or online status of the website the bookmark points to so that one can group the bookmarks together that show the same error codes such as Error 404 for ‘Not Found’ or Error 301 for ‘Moved Permanently’.
    The link is click on Safari Prairiefire

  2. Calum | May 26 2008 - 04:00

    Ok, I let this go once but now that you’ve said it again I have to comment :) (Actually I tried the first time, but your captcha was busted so I couldn’t verify the comment…)

    $499/$999 for OS X server is not a “great deal compared to offerings from Microsoft and Sun”. Well, it probably is compared to M$, but Sun’s Solaris 10 is probably about the most secure and robust (if admittedly not the prettiest) server OS out there, and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to download and use! As is the newer, but currently more-desktop-focused, open source version (OpenSolaris). You only need to pay for Solaris if you want a support contract.

  3. maccastjoe | May 27 2008 - 02:31

    I am thinking there has to be more then the 3G iphone being announced in June. The phone has been talked about since last September or so. That could make Steve Jobs keynote a big bust. I am still waiting for the 7 to 10 inch touch screen portable. I hope they keep a form factor similar to the phone.

    Time will tell

    Keep up the good work


  4. blu-ray duplication | May 27 2008 - 09:20

    yeah, Open Solaris is a good (and free) choice. I’m using the free version (without support), but I don’t need it in my home office.

  5. Peter | May 27 2008 - 03:26

    Just thought you and your listener’s might want to know, Plaxo has been bought by Comcast:

    Thanks for a great show and hope you are settling into the new place!

  6. Adult Ühler | May 28 2008 - 11:18

    This is my first podcast. I thought you needed an iPod.

    Two thumbs up.

  7. Tony | May 28 2008 - 01:59

    Great show adam, keep up the great work

  8. Cheap Apple Products | May 28 2008 - 07:14

    I want one, I want one! Atom tablet that is…..

  9. Adam Christianson | May 28 2008 - 09:50

    I would agree with you for personal use, but Sun’s language for commercial use is ambiguous at best, “…use the Solaris 10 Operating System for perpetual commercial use, each system running the Solaris 10 OS must have an entitlement.” The FAQ says you can get an “entitlement” with, “a new Sun system, from Sun Services as part of your service agreement, or via e-mail when you register your systems for free…”, but they don’t say if you need to make a purchase first to “register” the system. I am pretty sure to use the software commercially you need to pay, right?

  10. Dan | May 29 2008 - 09:10

    Adam – I’d like to hear you do a bit of a show on iPod video connectivity… I’m curious what an iPod nano 3G can do when hooked to a TV. Apple (I think) sells a component video out but is that similar to what you were talking about from Macs? Maybe it’s only digital and not ready to plug into a TV?