Maccast 2008.10.19

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 241. Strong Mac market share. An Ive for design. $999 White Macbook. The new 13″ Macbook. The new 15″ Macbook Pros. The 17″ Macbook Pro refresh. Macbook Air updates. New 24″ LCD Cinema Display. What did I like? What did I dislike? NVIDIA GeForce graphics details. Mini DisplayPort details. Other details not mentioned. Macbook and Macbook Pro software update 1.2. Apple offers fixes for NVIDIA flaws in older Macbooks. New Snow Leopard features detailed. USB Webcam follow-up. Don’t discount Emoji. Time Machine resets on restore to new Mac

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  1. Bruce | Oct 20 2008 - 03:41

    Just a quick note about upgrading the hard drive on a new MBP. I was planning on buying the base model and upgrading to a 500GB hard drive on my own, but when I asked an Apple Store worker about it they told me that would void my warranty. I was told the hard drive on the MBP is not meant to be upgraded by users, only when being serviced by Apple.

    Seems like a strange policy to me. Especially when access and upgrading the hard drive is so simple. Anyway, it stopped me from making the purchase. Not too happy about that.

  2. Andreas | Oct 20 2008 - 05:07

    Subject: new Mac / old time machine backup ot accepted

    Hi Adam,

    the name of the sparse backup file of time machine is consisting of the Mac Volume Name and the MAC address (example: MyMac_0018b31184dd). So potentialy just renaming the backup file using the MAC address of the new machine should convince time machine to accept the old backup volume.


  3. BerndR | Oct 21 2008 - 03:58

    Hi Adam,

    I second your dislikes about the MacBook and MacBook Pro (i.e. glossy screens only, no FireWire on the MacBook).
    Back in the 90s, it seemed that finally matte displays “won” the war on the CRT front, now users need to fight again… Well, as CRTs are curved (either they are a sphere segment or, in case of the Sony Trinitrons and alikes, a cylinder segment), reflections are worse than those on a flat screen; nevertheless, I like my matte MBP screen and would like to have one on my next.

    As for FireWire, I really can’t understand why Apple left it out of the MacBook; as there’s no ExpressCard slot either, there’s no way to add FireWire that way (I guess the MB is the only notebook in its class without an ExpressCard slot?). I’d still prefer a FireWire interface, though. As a guy in a German forum put it: “You either get a belt and suspenders or neither”.

    @Bruce: At least in Germany (and I guess all over Europe) parts that are user accessable on a device (in this case the MB or MBP) such as memory, battery, and the hard drive don’t void the warranty if exchanged. That said, in a warranty case, I would always reinstall the original parts if it needs to be sent back to Apple (this way, you can also check if one of the substitute parts is flaky).

    Best regards, Bernd