Maccast 2008.11.09

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 244. Rumors of new iMacs and Mac Minis on the way. Mac share down in October. Apple lowering iPhone production in the quarter. More new Macbook & Macbook Pro issues. Apple staff is going, coming, and told to go. Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.3. AT&T news might be good for iPhone owners. Correction to a story on Kensington locks. Another way of hiding external drives. Keeping iPod Touch iCal colors & iPhone word processing. Corrupt SyncServices crashes Mail. Get Netflix Streaming on your Mac. Hacking the Apple TV. Review: miniStack v3. MobileMe resetting assigned ringtones. Macbook wakes from sleep. Searching Spotlight for partial filenames.

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New music, Adoram Flores by Henrique Amorim

EOL: Reflections of your Mac self

Relax. You’ll live longer” — Total Recall (1990)

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  1. garvey | Nov 11 2008 - 04:12

    Just had a small comment about the Netflix/Silverlight watch instantly service. I my opinion it’s very welcome but it doesn’t seem to be quite the same quality/definition as it is on the windows side. Prior to this, I’ve been running XP using Parallels to watch movies in a second monitor while I work on my wireless network and I definitely see the difference from XP to 10.5

  2. Glen | Nov 12 2008 - 07:29

    Comment to harddisk noice after suspend: Is it really the hard disk or does sound comes from speakers? My Mac sometimes sneezed. Finally it was an advertise in a webclip on dashboard. I switched sound off and everything is fine now.

  3. Phil | Nov 14 2008 - 09:40

    I’ve been playing with Boxee for the last couple of days but I’ve found it rather buggy on my Macbook Pro – keeps crashing when I try to set up network media. Still, I like the visuals and if I can get a reliable version onto my AppleTV (can’t see a separate download for this) and slave up my SMB network hard drives and use all the media on there, I’ll be as happy as larry ;-)

  4. Neen | Nov 20 2008 - 09:07

    Wow, that song is really great. It sounds like poetry set to music.

    If I’m not mistaken, its a poem about women:

    “They Love more, they cry more, they laugh more”
    then the repeated title:
    “They love flowers.”

    Well, It sounds a bit more crafty in Portuguese. The translation doesn’t really do it justice.

    He’s actually quite a wordsmith.

    Thanks for the link. I emailed the author to see if I can just purchase the entire album.

    Thanks again,

  5. Phil | Nov 27 2008 - 09:12

    Adam, I see that there are now Mini Display Port to VGA and Mini Display Port to DVI adaptors in my local Apple Store. Not sure if that still prevents people from playing protected media over to a non-protected display though.