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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special interview with Michael Simmons from Cultured Code. In this episode Michael shares his insights and experience on how to successfully launch and bring to market an award winning iPhone and Macintosh based application. We discover how he and the team at Cultured Code developed and planed the award winning application Things for it’s launch at Macworld 2009.

Maccast Things Interview from Macworld 2009
Things from Cultured Code
Xyle Scope
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  1. Chris Kennedy | Apr 12 2009 - 09:54

    Great discussion and the first episode I’ve listened to of MacCast. The app pricing advice was particularly helpful, and I have to say that I’m thinking about purchasing Things – sounds like it’s worth it.

  2. Dave from Temecula, CA | Apr 12 2009 - 09:26

    Great interview with Michael.

    I’ve actually known Mike from working together YEARS ago and one thing that he’s never lost is that he’s absolutely passionate about the Mac platform. Glad to see that come through.

  3. Joe Smith | Apr 12 2009 - 11:05

    Thanks for the podcast, Michael. Good listen for anyone interested or unaware of GTD apps and software development as well.
    Things is great.
    I never knew I could use an app like this, due to not having much variety in my day to day life. I’ve found it’s helpful even on a smaller scale for a specific project.

  4. Roy from Fairfax, VA | Apr 21 2009 - 06:59

    I don’t totally agree with your discussion on pricing. In my opinion, the pricing model for Things is about twice what it should be based on it’s usefulness and on the iPhone market. I have looked at buying Things for my iPhone several times and every time I look back to consider buying it, after I having forgotten the price, I decide it priced too high. The last time I looked, after listening to your podcast, I thought to myself, if it’s $5.99 I’ll buy it, then I rediscovered it was $9.99.

    And the same goes for the Mac version. For $24.99 or even $29.99 I might consider buying it, but $49.99 is again too high in my opinion. I base my reasoning on the functionality of the product. It has a limited use. I’m sure it is great at what it does, but beyond that it does not offer much other functionality.

    And that the iPhone version doesn’t directly reflect back to my desktop or iCal, even in some limit way, is disappointing. Offer a package deal (iPhone and Mac versions) for $29.99 and you’ve opened a big market. Currently with your pricing, you’ll probably make the same profit margin, but with half or less of your potential market.