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Davis H Lawrence XVIIA podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special episode of the Maccast with David H Lawrence XVII. David is currently playing the role of the mysterious, somewhat creepy, and probably misunderstood, Eric “The Puppetmaster” Doyle on NBC’s hit show Heroes. When he’s not stalking cheerleaders David is also a new media creator and producer with an incredibly diverse background in audio broadcasting, video, the Internet, filmmaking, podcasting, and tech in general. In this episode we will learn about the man behind the man and the bonus is it turns out he uses a Mac.

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Xanadu, April 17th – 19th, 2009, Las Vegas, NV

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There are 14 comments on Maccast 2009.04.14 – Interview with David H Lawrence XVII:

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  1. Donald Townsend | Apr 15 2009 - 09:46

    Great interview and even though I rarely watch TV I knew “The Puppetmaster” from an episode I had seen on Hulu some time ago. David offered lots of interesting insight into what he does and he also gave his take on the changes in media. He was very right when he said that newspapers and radio face the same fate. I’ve never heard anyone mention these two in one sentence like him.
    Adam, more interviews like this one are a good idea. Go on!


  2. Nfieldflyguy | Apr 15 2009 - 01:47

    Great interview with a very talented guy. I’d never even heard of David H. Lawrence, but now I’m a fan. I’d drifted away from the MacCast a bit, but this interview along with Ara Derderian have brought me back. thanks Adam and gang!

  3. Bruce | Apr 16 2009 - 12:36

    Man, this guy is a real jerk. He’s confrontational, egotistical and rude. Please never interview him again.

  4. Scott | Apr 17 2009 - 06:45

    I agree with Bruce… could only make it part-way through this podcast before I gave up. That was right about the time Adam was trying to steer the conversation back to Macs (and technology in general) and the interviewee called this pigeon-holing and wanted to talk about himself, his career, and his views some more… basically any subject as long as it revolves around him. I knew there was trouble at the beginning when he started harping on Adam to welcome him… if that was supposed to be funny, it failed. Adam– kudos on the diversity of topics you bring to the show, but this one was a flop in my opinion, I’d much rather listen to you talk to yourself any day than this self-admiring man.

  5. Steven | Apr 17 2009 - 07:28

    The wost person to interview. I’m glad this was not my first interview/emaccast podcast i had ever listened to. If it would have I would have never come back. The guy is not a Mac person. He musta lied to get the interview. I wish she would have killed him off in Hero’s b/c after that interview he just killed it for me. Adam you did a great job of attempting to re-focus the show, but he was just a JERK. Keep up with the great job you normally do on Maccast.

  6. Ted | Apr 17 2009 - 09:48

    What a self-promoting windbag! I had not heard of him (not much of a TV watcher), and even with the failed joke at the beginning, I still was interested in hearing the interview. But, it soon became a chore and a little more than halfway through I gave up. He’s done it all, seen it all, been there, done that… pleeeezzzeeeee! Yes, if he has “really” done all the things he claims he has, he’s got talent – but he’s also arrogant, self-absorbed and pre-occupied with money, which seems to drive everything he does. I quit listening because it started to sound like an infomercial for his endeavors. I hope your next choice is better…

  7. Bob | Apr 18 2009 - 11:22

    I couldn’t believe what a jerk this guy was. I would have stopped the interview right at the beginning when he started treating Adam like a child. Arrogant, abusive, a total a**hole.

  8. Stephen | Apr 18 2009 - 04:42

    Adam – Good interview by you. David had good insight and interesting things to say…. BUT, he was a pri** to you. Disrespectful to you mid way through. He made himself look bad. Keep up the interviews.


  9. David | Apr 19 2009 - 07:22

    Never heard of David Lawrence before. A very funny guy! Thanks for the interview.

  10. Louis | Apr 20 2009 - 08:18

    This guy is a real A_Hole, real arrogant, abusive. You should have deleted this podcast and told him your system did not back up…. Very Disrespectful he stole the show. Don’t call him back…If you want to make the show interactive just get your listeners to join in.

    Maybe a podcast with a user showing other mac users how to tunnel into their network instead of remote desktop. Can you do a show on that…

    What’s the terminal command to see all the ip address to all devises connected to the network.

    No more dooshbags on the show…

  11. Dave | Apr 20 2009 - 11:22

    Like many of the others, I couldn’t even finish listening to the episode. David H. Lawrence (the name tells you something about him, doesn’t it?) is a perfect example of what is wrong with the world. Bullies, loud and brash, get in your face, and as a result, command attention. They know no other way to make an intelligent point than to do it at the expense of somebody else. He was a windbag, arrogant, and represented everything I don’t like about people. What a sack of fluid.

  12. Dave | Apr 21 2009 - 12:12

    Wow, this guy is one of the most arrogant windbags I’ve every heard. Could he have raved about himself and his gear any more? Doubtful. Remind me to avoid anything that he has any connection with.

  13. Ken | Apr 29 2009 - 01:19

    Thanks Adam, for a very nice show. I thought that Dave Lawrence was interesting. It was a nice change. At first I was disappointed that you were doing another interview show. Only cuz I was expecting the usual format. But I have to say that I was completely entertained. I plan on checking out the book “Secrets of Screen Acting”, it seems interesting (hope it wasn’t just a shameless plug for David’s friend). I will let you know if the book is completely worthless. I also like the fan based revenue model David talked about.

    Anyway Adam, your show helps more that you know. I am glad your still committed to the Maccast.


  14. David | May 06 2009 - 11:13

    What a jerk. I didn’t like him when he did Online Tonight and I liked him even less when he did the David Lawrence show. When he hijacked your show, belittled you, and only wanted to talk about things that interested him, I stopped listening.

    I met both of you at the Podcast Expo several years ago in Ontario and the difference between the two of you was striking. Him: arrogant, egotistical, unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinion. You: friendly, self-deprecating, interesting.

    I have been a listener of yours since the very beginning and your podcast is hands-down one of my favorites. I have learned a great deal from you over the years. The latest thing I’ve learned is to avoid anything that involves David Lawrence. No wait, now he’s David H. Lawrence the Sixteenth – sheesh!

    Keep up the great work, Adam. Just avoid DHLXVI!