Thoughtout’s new MagStay Uni. Want One Free?

Written by: Adam Christianson

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1.jpgThoughtout, friends and sponsors of the Maccast, recently announced a new version in their MagStay product line designed for Apple’s latest “unibody” style notebooks. The new MagStay Uni and the original MagStay Pro are designed to do one simple thing… prevent Apple’s MagSafe connector from becoming disconnected. Now, before you start clicking on that comment link to express your concerns about the dangers of blocking the MagSafe from doing it’s job hear me out. The MagStay products are not designed for everyone and are not for use all the time. You obviously wouldn’t want to use the product when you have your precious Macbook Pro on a desk or table in a place where someone may trip over the cord. But, if you are relaxing on the couch, no one is around, and you don’t want your knees knocking the connector out every time you adjust your position (a situation that HAS happened to me), then you’ll be happy you have the product. Another perceived disadvantage of the MagStay and MagStay Uni are that they work by using up an adjacent port. An Ethernet port in the case of the MagStay Uni and a USB port for the original MagStay Pro. Again, if you think about when you would use the product this is really not a problem. Typically you will be in a more mobile situation, using Wi-Fi, and attaching few if any external devices. There is no doubt that these products target a specific niche of users, but if you are one of these users then Thoughtout gives you a solution. Nothing wrong with that.

So could you use a MagStay Uni? Would you like to get one free? If you are one of the first 10 Maccast listeners to use the coupon code, maccastfreemagstay on the site you can get a free MagStay Uni (you just need to pay for shipping and handling). You can checkout the product, watch the demo videos, and make your purchase by clicking here.

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  1. Doug | Apr 22 2009 - 04:48

    Cool! I got one for $4.95 shipping! Thanks Adam!

  2. Mike Talmadge of THOUGHT OUT…Co. | Apr 22 2009 - 04:18

    Correction Doug, your order shows only $4.34 for shipping.

  3. Doug | Apr 22 2009 - 06:44

    Whoops! Sorry ’bout that. Either way…Thanks!

  4. Greg Homyak | Apr 23 2009 - 02:29

    Thank you for this great coupon! I got mine also for $4.34. Much appreciated!

  5. Miriam | Apr 27 2009 - 04:50

    I got one on the cheap as well…thanks!

    Of course, not until I had paid did I think to check compatibility. I’m using a white Macbook from Fall 2008. An ethernet port is adjacent to my MagSafe port. Any bets on whether or not this will fit?

    If it doesn’t, I’ll just give it to my sister, who has a unibody MacBook Pro.

  6. Greg Homyak | Apr 27 2009 - 04:39

    Miriam: Guess what? It does work with the White MacBook. I have one too and decided to take a chance and it seems to work fine. I am a happy person right now!