Mac Mini Mod: Internal RAID-1

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff

img_18921-300x177.jpg.jpeg Maccast listener Roland just sent me an email to show off his recent Mac Mini mod. Inspired a bit by this article over on iFixit, Roland came up with his own take on the hack. He details the design process in part 1 and walks through completing the project in part 2. The whole thing is pretty sweet. What I like about Roland’s solution is that he seems to give careful thought and consideration to possible heat issues and comes up with an ingenious solution that mimics Apple’s original design for cooling and airflow. I think the solution seems sound and should continue to work without issue (as evidenced by the iStat numbers in his post). It may be obvious that this kind of hack would void your Applecare, but I will say it anyway. This kind of hack will void your warranty.

If you are looking to squeeze some data redundancy into you Mac Mini case this post is worth a look. Interestingly you could probably also run a RAID-0 (scary RAID) if you wanted to squeeze in some extra internal storage. That might make a nice upgrade for your Mac Mini Home Theater.

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