Maccast 2009.06.23

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 270. WWDC Aftermath. Software Updates. iPhone 3.0 OS in the wild. iPhone 3GS in the wild. What’s next for iPhone? Apple warns Pre customers about iTunes. Checking in on Apple’s latest numbers. Steve Jobs coming back soon? Some One-to-One corrections. Apple Store correction. Finer fiddling with function keys. Snow Leopard is for Intel only. New Macbook SD slot debate. Determine iPhone eligibility from your iPhone. Remedies for a slowing Mac. Shortz iPod cables and recording radio (Radioshift). Why does my app have a crossed out generic icon? Force a Safari Top Site

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New music, Hey Kate! by The Fire Apes (iTunes)

EOL: New iPod RED (cedar) (via iLounge)

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  1. Unamigo | Jun 25 2009 - 01:01

    iTunes and the Pre

    Why the obsession in read what is not write. Apple has had trouble with syncing with its own ipods in some iTunes updates and it test every update with all its ipods. So sooner or later will be syncing problem with some WebOS ,sooner if it’s not tested, so Apple has two options make testing for all the Pre and any other future WebOS device (spending money to support a competidor) or publish this technical note and keep development as usual and when the shit hit the fan it can tell: “I tell you so, not my problem go talk with the shit owner”.

    Of course Palm will love the first option so its trying to push the idea that if the syncing broke will be deliberately so is Apple fault but thats not true unless Pre is giving a full disclosure of how is using the syncing and paying Apple to test every update with every WebOS phones other way the syncing will naturally broke.

  2. andrea | Jun 26 2009 - 01:41

    just listened to your loooong show.
    regarding safari topsites tip:
    to set a topsite i just open two windows in safari, put one in top sites and click edit.
    load the site i like in the second window
    drag and drop the addressline from the second into the position i want in the first!

    seemed the most natural way to do it and so apple lets you do it…as usual.

    note that i was not able to make it work with two tabs in the same safari window as while dragging you cannot switch tab.

    hope it helps