Maccast 2009.10.23

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 282. Apple updates everything consumer. New iMacs. New Unibody Macbook. New Mac Minis. New Magic Mouse. New Airport Extreme and Time Capsule. New Apple Remote. Other new stuff. Levinson leaves Google board, sticks with Apple. Apple acknowledges a potential Snow Leopard data loss bug. Apple software updates. Apple edges toward 10% US market share. Apple has another record quarter. Free apps can now go paid. Apple’s live product R ‘n D. Recording Internet radio (Radioshift). Add a Trash Folder to the Desktop. Add sorting data to iTunes tracks. Get free iTunes LPs outside of iTunes. Remove “name” when copying Mail email addresses

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  1. Luke | Oct 29 2009 - 10:47

    Great podcast–Thank you so much.

    I agree with your theory about Apple’s live product R&D.
    I’ve often thought that the Apple QuickTake was a precursor to the plethora of digital cameras we see now. Perhaps that technology went into iSight.

    Also, the Newton Message Pad–it would appear to me that this was a pda before it’s time. Palm sorta stole their thunder, but look at the iPhone. It is as though Apple tried the idea, it sorta failed, and then they skipped right past the next iteration of pdas and rocked us with a revolutionary smartphone!