Maccast 2009.11.22

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 285. New Core i7 iMac posts good numbers. Apple working on “Concierge” app. Frustrated Devs flee App Store. Is Apple getting more serious about gaming?. Updates, fixes, and hacks. Oh my! Macs rank 4th in build quality. Don’t let you Mac inhale. Free OS X virtualization. Free Office alternative from Lotus Hardware change bypasses firmware password? Piracy can also give your Mac scurvy. The ins and outs of Mini Display Port. Adding keyboard shortcuts to everything. Maccast One Minute Tip: iPhoto Places. iTunes random is random. Securing your PDFs.

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  1. Ann | Nov 24 2009 - 10:00

    Hi Adam, I’m listening to the 11/22/09 episode and wanted to let you know about a great deal on VMWare. It was mentioned by a contributor on the MacReview Cast this past weekend. On Amazon I purchased the old version2 for $28.99 and I will get a $10 mail in rebate, plus until November 30th, you can get a free upgrade to the new version ( which is $69.99). Allison Sheridan gave it such a glowing review, I bought it right away.

    Thanks for everything you do, I’ve learned so much from your podcast.

  2. Iconjohn | Nov 24 2009 - 01:06

    It really sucks that Apple is busting on so many iPhone app developers like Facebook and Rogue Ameba. They should start to preapprove many of the developers if there app was already approved.
    Kind of like commenting on a blog. Why do I need to moderate commentors who have already been approved?

  3. pat | Nov 24 2009 - 01:39

    iPhone App store…yawn, yawn. Heard it all on iPhone Alley. A++ on the rest, tho.