Maccast 2010.04.12 – iPhone OS 4 with Clayton Morris

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Clayton Morris
A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special episode of the Maccast where I am joined by Clayton Morris. Clayton and I sat down to talk a bit about Apple’s iPhone OS 4 announcement. We dive into a few of those new “tentpole” features and even talk iPad and a little Flash War 2010 for good measure. Enjoy.

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  1. Jay | Apr 15 2010 - 08:19

    Long time listner
    first time caller
    I heard you say you didn’t want to pay additional for the new phones.
    I have allways gotten a new unit on launch day.
    AT&T allows iPhone users to upgrade once a year and not once evey two Years.
    Last year the 3gs came out on the 8th and the year before on the19th originly we were going to have to wait 11 days and at the last minute AT&T allowed us to upgrade early.

    Love the show
    keep up the great work

    jay streets

  2. Ryan | Apr 15 2010 - 09:30

    That was a great bonus show Adam. I really enjoyed the discussion. It kind of went off topic towards the end but it was still nice to get Clayton’s opinions and thoughts on the other things too.

  3. Michael McEuin | Apr 16 2010 - 10:03

    Here’s a funny…

    I was using my iPhone 3G, loaded with OS4 beta, to try and listen to this podcast, about OS4. When I select this podcast, my iPhone reboots.

    Cool, huh? :-)