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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special episode of the Maccast. I interview my friend Drew Olanoff. Drew is a former podcaster and currently the Community Manager at GOGII, makers of the textPlus app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad. We talk about Drew’s switch to the Mac, his career, and what it was like to get their app ready for the iPad on launch day. We also announce the Maccast textPlus Wi-Fi Challenge where, with the help of textPlus, we will give away an Apple iPad.

Maccast textPlus Wi-Fi Challenge

The Challenge: To answer “The Question”. Can a person survive in the digital age using Wi-Fi devices alone? You are invited to join us and pledge to only use wi-fi connected devices for a whole day. No 3G, no EDGE, no MiFi. I will be sharing my experience on the Maccast forum, in my textPlus community (themaccast), and on Facebook. After it’s over I will also share my and your experiences on an upcoming episode of the Maccast.

Date: Tuesday April 20th, 2010

Prizes: Along with the challenge we will be giving away a 16GB WiFi iPad and two 8 GB iPod Touches. Just fill out this form before midnight on April 30th for a chance to win.

Maccast TextPlus Wi-Fi Challenge – Enter to win an iPad

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  1. drew olanoff | Apr 17 2010 - 11:29

    It was great talking to you Adam, really stoked to give away some stuff and go WIFI only!@#

  2. drew olanoff | Apr 19 2010 - 09:53

    We’re stoked to get this baby going!

    WIFI ONLY!@#@#

  3. Bruce | Apr 21 2010 - 09:48

    I use Wi-Fi almost exclusively on a daily basis for data. I have Wi-Fi at home and work. Even most of my friends have Wi-Fi networks so it’s the rare occasion when I’m forced to use 3G. So sadly, this challenge isn’t really a challenge for me at all.

    Yes, I bought the Wi-Fi only iPad and have not single regret.

  4. Gozer the Carpathian | Apr 25 2010 - 07:55

    Well I have no real choice in the matter. I live where there’s 3G but I work where there’s none. So when I’m home I have WiFi so why have a 3G device? I have a cel phone for phone calls and txt’s only so yeah the “challenge” was a non-starter for me. Maybe if I lived in a city I’d have an iPhone and then I might, MIGHT feel a twing of pain for not having my 3G.

    But until AT&T gets 3G at Fort Irwin, or Verizon gets the iPhone (Still nothing? Come on now!) no 3G is the way it must be and what I deal with every day. :)