Maccast 2010.05.31 – No Agenda

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 304. We try out a little something new on this episode. I invited my friends Victor (Typical Mac User) and Ken (Mac OS Ken) over to chat about all things Mac, but did it without any prep, outlines, or show notes. Take a listen to what happens when you just get a couple of Mac geeks on Skype and start gabbing.

Typical Mac User
Mac OS Ken
Back Blaze
Pogo Plug
Good Reader
Know Tech

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  1. Jeff Miller | Jun 01 2010 - 09:27

    I would disagree about the discussion about a front-facing camera on the iPhone. I know a lot of people who use the front-facing camera on their MacBooks and MacBookPros and the usage scenarios would be about the same.

    Video Skype is certainly an aspect of skype that is used – even if not used by all. Sure you are not going to use video with most phone calls, but certainly it is something you want when talking with relatives not living in same town or to call home when you are on a business trip. Certainly business apps can take advantage of if for video conferences. I think there would be enough people that would use the feature at times to make is something more than just a niche capability. Or else why not complain about the camera on the MBs and MBPs.

  2. kraytn | Jun 03 2010 - 11:18

    Thanks for the show. The no agenda thing worked out great.

  3. Alan (UK) | Jun 05 2010 - 06:47

    Thought the unscripted section was the best bit of Mac podcasting I’ve listened to for some time, and I listen to them all. Sometimes it’s good to take risks. Excellent choice of guests too; Victor always makes good listening and was a pretty safe choice but Ken is usually pretty outspoken and the combination worked very well. Much kudos to Adam for his excellent chairmanship. It would be great to do these every few months with different guests selected depending what is hot at the time.

    I think the jury is out on video conferencing on a cell phone though if anyone can make it work Apple can. I can imagine lots of law suits in the US by people who walk into lampposts whilst on a call! I’m not even sure of the benefits of good cameras on cell phones as even the best ones are trumped by even average ‘real’ cameras but as was mentioned is the ‘cast sometimes it’s about ticking boxes. The biggest benefit would be in some kind of flash as its usually indoors and at night that phone cameras are used to capture memorable group moments.

    I agree that one of the big unmet needs out there is a proper easy to set up media server. Holding all your families music, movies and photos. Streaming throughout the house onto all you macs, ipads and appletv’s and seamlessly available on you iPhone or iPad when travelling. I almost have this working on my Mac pro with 4.5tb raid0 disk array but £3000 is far too much to pay for this type of functionality.

    Regarding streaming music, I have the free version of Spotify and predominantly use it to look up music I remember from my past or have heard on the radio. It also has a fantastic ‘genius’ like feature which guides you to similar music to you selection and it’s surprising how many times this has led to a purchase on iTunes.