Maccast 2010.06.26

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 306. iPhone 4 is here. And what about Verizon? First iPhone 4 reviews. iPhone 4’s issues reported early. My personal launch day experience. iPhone 4 still had some secrets. iMovie for iPhone 4 review. iOS 4 update released. iBooks 1.1 for iOS. MobileMe Mail app updated. iPad continues strong sales. Tablets killing netbooks, are desktops next? Apple gearing up for iAds. Quintet of new Canadian Apple Stores. Get “Hold” back on iPhone 4. Clearing up AT&T data plan confusion. How to pick a new Mac. iTunes not keeping album artwork

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  1. Jeff Miller | Jun 27 2010 - 02:34

    One correction. iBooks was not released just for iOS4 devices. iBooks is a universal app and the 1.1 update also brought PDF and note support to the iPad. It was just in time for me since at work I needed to put some PDFs on my iPad for a programming team session and I was able to email them to myself and them send them from Mail to iBooks – worked great. The iBooks PDF support is pretty decent.

    As for iPhone 4 not feeling as snappy as the iPad. For one thing as far as I know, we don’t know what speed the A4 chip in the iPhone 4 is clocked at. It is probably less than the 1GHZ it is capable of and the speed the chip does run in the iPad. Surely they took the chip speed down a notch since the iPhone does not have two giant batteries as the iPad has.

  2. Nick | Jun 28 2010 - 01:38

    Hi Adam. Enjoy your podcast, one of the best informed of its type available. I tried the double hard boot on my iPhone 3g having installed IOS 4.0. After the initial installation I thought the phone was much snappier, but very soon I realised it was becoming very sluggish. Now, after the double reboot it has indeed returned to much better performance. Thanks.

  3. Bob C | Jun 28 2010 - 06:29

    As computing is involved in more of life, computer form factors will diversify. I think the iPad is an indicator of this. An example is cycling. There are now different bikes for all kinds of riding, downhill, all-mountian, cross country, cyclecross, road, touring, commuting, urban, bmx, and many more.