Maccast Live Skype Chat – iPhone 4 Press Announcement

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Join us for a live Maccast Skype chat starting at around 7:30 AM PT. We’ll have the conversation going until the end of Apple’s live iPhone 4 press event which starts today (07/16) at 10:00 AM PT. We are using Skype, so if you have Skype already installed, use the link below to join If you don’t have Skype you can download it and use it for free at The Skype room limit is 150, so it will still be first come first served. See you there.

Live blog links we’ll be following:

Windows Users: Looks like Skype removed the group chat feature as of version 4.0, so you’ll have to be on a Mac for this to work. Sorry.

Maccast ‘Apple iPhone 4 Press Event’ Live Chat hosted by themaccast.

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