Join us for a live Maccast Skype chat starting at around 7:30 AM PT. We’ll have the conversation going until the end of Apple’s live September 2010 Music Event which starts today (09/01) at 10:00 AM PT. We are using Skype, so if you have Skype already installed, use the link below to join If you don’t have Skype you can download it and use it for free at The Skype room limit is 150, so it will still be first come first served. See you there.

Apple is live streaming this one!
For the first time in years Apple will be live video streaming an event. Watch for details.

Live blog links we’ll be following:

Windows Users: Looks like Skype removed the group chat feature as of version 4.0, so you’ll have to be on a Mac for this to work. Sorry.

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  1. iConJohn | Sep 01 2010 - 03:00

    Hey Adam, thought I’d drop by the site and let loose on my feeling on the new Apple TV. I’m a bit disappointed with today’s announcement and here’s why.
    I have an Apple TV and I use it mostly for watching programs that I record from OTA digital TV via Elgato TV. I’m fortunate to have a direct line of sight from my roof to do this. I rarely buy content from iTunes but I did subscribe to Mad Men recently and I love watching it on TV, not the PC.
    Last May I bought an HDTV that came with Netflix, Youtube and Picasso already installed. So this is basically what the new Apple TV is offering today and I have less connections and wires to deal with. But there is no storage, and streaming can be a slow process. So if for example my internet is down how am I to show photos on my 42″ HDTV? On the old Apple TV they are on the drive locally.
    OK, for many this will a slightly better choice than the Roku and maybe I had my heart set on this having iOS running it but until I can get more than Nexflix I’m keeping with what I have.

  2. iConJohn | Sep 01 2010 - 04:35

    But I love the new iPod Touch which is the bomb and thinking of buying just to shoot video and upload via wifi.