Maccast Members 067 – Typical Mac Dock

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Maccast Members

A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 067. Continuing our “What’s in your Dock?” series, I invite Victor Cajiao from Typical Mac User to come by and share what applications he finds to be most useful and why.

Maccast Members
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Typical Mac User
Typical Shutter Bug
Reeder for Mac
Google Chrome
Busy Cal
Soundtrack Pro
Peak Pro
Logic Studio
Default Folder X
Hardware Growler
iStat Menu

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  1. Andre Brown | Feb 21 2011 - 10:10

    Hello Adam,

    I am a long-time listener to your show, the Maccast. I find it both informative, insightful and enjoyable.

    However, I find it surprising that you continue to promote Circus Ponies’ Notepad for iPad. It is a horrible program, and yes- I have read the Notebook User Guide, and am familiar with what it supposed to do, what it can’t do and how it is supposed to behave as touted by Circus Ponies. I have the latest version (v3.06)

    As expressed by the reviews on the Apple App store, this program is abysmal. It is laden with bugs and is very unpredictable. I have been in touch with Circus Ponies’ tech support (to get my money back) and all they can say is “what for the next update”. That is not acceptable! The subsequent updates have provided little if any relief from the frustrations endusers have had to endure. Apple should ban them from the App Store until they prove a working app that doesn’t crash the iPad as it makes their product look bad as well!

    Frankly, I think it affects you and your podcast as well as it impacts your credibility. I realize that Circus Ponies is a supporting sponsor, but don’t they, as well as you bear some responsibility to the consumer? This app is practically unusable!

    I express this opinion only because I am concerned for both your podcast’s reputation, as well as Apple.

    Andre Brown

  2. Adam Christianson | Feb 21 2011 - 10:18

    I’m sorry you’re having that experience with Notebook on the iPad. I have been using it for a few things and not had a similar experience. It’s not an app I use on a daily basis, so maybe that makes a difference. I did have a crash a few times and performance is sometimes sluggish, but I have found it to be quite useable for what I’m doing with it.