Maccast 2011.08.01

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 360. Rumors on the next iPhone(s).iPad 3 rumors. Lion freezes on wake from sleep. New Thunderbolt controller in Macbook Air. Apple TV 4.3 update. iTunes longer song previews go International. Hide mail pane in Lion. The Applization of OS X. Lion Steve “catchphrase” Easter egg. Podcast Publisher. View Dock in OS X Lion full screen apps.

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  1. Lisa McLennan | Aug 02 2011 - 04:38

    I am a new listener to mac podcasts as of this year, despite owning a mac since 1/3/2005 (It will always be imprinted upon my brain brain because after 25 years of microsoft – I was retired and freed myself from the chains and agony of microsoft never to look back).

    Yours is an absolute favorite. I have been keeping all the lion ones.

    I just listened to your August 1 podcast in itunes and it was fantastic! You asked for feedback on your thoughts so hear goes …

    1. YOU NAILED IT on the user experience with apple and I want to encourage you in all of your podcasts to be geek like but in the way you described – help us less knowledgable or daring user learn how to get MORE out of the EXPERIENCE of STANDARD apple offerings without major customizations …tell us where those hidden/less obvious features are and how to get at them. I certainly need reminding a LOT.

    2. The other thing I want to say I just found today in itunes that you are so wonderful that you put all the text notes of the lyrics part of “get info” for each episode. This is great because I can scan what you talked about and then go back in and scroll to the part of the show where you are talking to listen again. This saves me a bunch of time.

    I have not gone to Lion yet – I am planning that for the fall after I’m done with my summer traveling around.

    I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and The Maccast.


  2. Adam Christianson | Aug 02 2011 - 05:30

    Thanks Lisa.

    Just in case I also wanted to point out that my podcast is “enhanced” in iTunes and on iOS devices you can use the chapters to jump to a particular section or topic. Use the “Chapters” menu in iTunes or the iPod app.

  3. Dorian H. | Aug 05 2011 - 09:12

    Hi Adam,

    I’m a long time listener of your show. Just wanted to let you know that one thing I noticed with the new cloud features on the Apple TV is that if you have a season pass to a show all of the past episodes in the season aren’t showing up. Hope they fix it … All in all I do appreciate being able to see some of my purchases back to 2006.

  4. PeterR | Aug 11 2011 - 03:47

    Your comments in the show about certain developers being slow to make sure their software runs on Lion was timely.
    A colleague has just purchased a hi spec MacBookPro to run Avid Media Composer. The reseller had to downgrade the MBP to Snow Leopard in order to supply a machine that is supported by Avid. It’s tardy to say the least. As the reseller can’t supply it with back up discs, they now have to go to eBay to find some.