Maccast 2011.10.25

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 371. This episode features a conversation with friend and fellow podcaster David Sparks. I recently did a talk at the Mac Computer Expo titled, iPad, Beyond Web and Email and David just released his new book, iPad at Work. Many of you have asked if I could go over my MCE presentation and discuss some of the tips, tricks, apps, and workflows for using your iPad to do more stuff. Since David literally wrote the book on using your iPad for work I figured this was a perfect opportunity to discuss using your iPad to get more work done.

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  1. Eric Rowland | Oct 26 2011 - 05:55

    You spoke about a printing app called Printopia in this episode. I can’t find it on the app store. Did I misunderstand the name, or has it been pulled?

  2. Irvin | Oct 30 2011 - 04:59

    Link for the Printopia software:

  3. Marie | Nov 02 2011 - 08:37

    A thought on a lack of file system on the iPad… it would be helpful to have a fashion of one for students who must upload files for classes through websites such as Blackboard. I do feel this would do much to help bring iPad into the lives of college students, both traditional and online.

  4. Joe | Nov 04 2011 - 01:31

    Adam mentioned an app to stream video from your home computer to an iPad no matter where you are. Does anyone remember the name of it?

  5. Joe | Nov 04 2011 - 05:38

    Found it. It’s “Air Video”. Incredible app. Very easy to set up. I even got it to stream from my Mac to my iPhone using 3G on the first attempt. But it!