Maccast 2012.02.11

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 384. iPhone continues to be a leader. Best Buy survey speculates at Apple TV. Feeling throttled by AT&T. Safari, something’s different. 2012 year of larger Macbook Airs? White Macbook Pro truly EOL. EFI Firmware updates. Hints of iPad 3. Perspective on Apple in China. Save photo from Contacts in iOS. Improving iTunes to DVD quality. OS X Lion disappearing cursor. Airplay not playing nice. Mac’s iTunes in the iCloud PlayCache folder.

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  1. TimA | Feb 13 2012 - 12:02

    Saving a picture out of contacts is easy. Hold your finger on the picture till you get the option to copy then paste it into an email. When you send the email to yourself you are prompted on the file size/resolution to send. Selecting the max, then move it to iPhoto when the email arrives on your desktop.


  2. Tim Wright | Feb 14 2012 - 10:57

    Hi Adam,

    I have a 2009 white MacBook that I upgraded with OWC’s data doubler bracket and a 64GB Kingston SSD. I also upgraded to Lion at the same time. On three occasions in the last 4 months, I have started up to find an endless spinning pinwheel at the apple screen. On each occasion I was unable to repair the SSD (which is my system disk). I keep all my data on the regular 500GB HD (and backups), so I haven’t lost anything. However, 3 times is now a pattern, and it takes several hours to reinstall Lion and all my apps. Many of my apps were bought before the App Store as well, which takes even more time. Could this be a result of the iTunes cache you mentioned, bloating my drive and squeezing the free space to a too small percentage? I have read that OS X needs more than 10% free space to run efficiently…

    Also, just to correct something you have said a few times, Louis CK and Lewis Black are two different (vastly different!) comedians, not the same person. ; )



  3. ChrisG | Feb 21 2012 - 06:47

    Thanks for the heads up on iTunes PlayCache. Mine isn’t huge (~500mb), but I have been playing more and more “streamed” music from my library. After checking out the folder I just made a Hazel rule to watch the folder size. If PlayCache ever exceeds 1gb Hazel will pop up a persistent growl notification and move the PlayCache folder to the Trash. I already have Trash rules in place so when that grows too large the Trash will be flushed as well.

  4. DougR | Feb 22 2012 - 08:00

    Good comments in this podcast on how to maintain better video quality when converting, but the real culprit behind the loss of quality when burning a DVD is the maximum resolution of the DVD format. DVD have a maximum of 720×480 pixels as compared to 720p which has 1280×720 pixels. See,