Maccast 2012.07.14

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 403. Mountain Lion goes gold. New category added to App Store. Small update to iPhoto. Russian developer hacks in-app purchases. Issue booting new Macbook off external. Does upgradeability matter anymore? Using iCloud iCal Sync under Snow Leopard.

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  1. xercisenut Pac northwest | Jul 15 2012 - 05:01

    Hey Adam – nice show and great show notes.

    On the IPHOTO 9.3 mobileme folder you mentioned –

    * I got the folder added and it put each mobileme gallery set of photos in a subfolder underneath it.
    * BUT THE PHOTOS were not moved from their original event – instead a new keyword FROM MOBILEME was added to my keyword list and each of the gallery photos got assigned keyword!

    At least for me running lion 10.7.4

  2. xercisenut Pac northwest | Jul 15 2012 - 05:10

    OH PS – the new FROM MOBILEME keyword was only assigned to photos in the FIRST subphoto under the From MobileMe apple created photo in my iphoto 9.3 when I moved to icloud.
    I had 3 gallerys that got downloaded back to my iphoto and again only the TOP (first) one got assigned the keyword.

    Go figure!

  3. xercisenut Pac northwest | Jul 15 2012 - 05:33


    Sorry this is getting boring. I apologize.

    I looked again and I was wrong!
    …. apple DID create an event called From MobileMe with the date being from “date of original photos” TO “date of one that I edited in the gallery”. But all the image titles were REMOVED in the special event and the original image which I always leave with the IMG_(number) on it STAYED in their original event.

    I have not run 9.3.1 iphoto update so I don’t know what happens to this special from mobileme event after that update

  4. Mike L | Jul 15 2012 - 01:48


    Using a single home folder on multiple Macs only works when using OSX Server, due to a permissions issue. The steps outlined in this show work good for a home folder tied to the single Mac, but will not work with other Macs.

    Every user has 4 identifiers on the system, User(long name), Account Name(short username), User ID(UID) and UUID(Universally Unique ID). The first three, Long name , Short name and UID can be repeated on any Mac and won’t cause any issues. The UID for the first account create, during System Setup, is 501. Unless that account is deleted, every Mac will have an account with UID of 501. Since those can be reproduced easily, Apple didn’t use those for system permissions.

    The UUID is never the same on any Mac, even on the same Mac if Mac OS X was reinstalled with the same version and setup. Since they are never recycled, it is whats used to set permissions. So, my two computers, both have a mike user account, same password and same UID, but different UUID. If I try to move the home folder from my iMac onto an external drive, it will work fine on my iMac but not on my MacBook Pro because of the different UUID.

    Using OSX Server, my account is not local but is a network account. My account lives on the server, where the UUID is generated. When I login with that network account on my clients, that exact UUID is copied over, allowing me to use a single home folder. OSX server has a check box that makes configuring a home folder on an external volume easy.

  5. Lorraine | Sep 26 2012 - 05:29

    This sounds like a great projcet to test the publicized capabilities for the new Silverlight. Good luck. I can’t wait to see this. It sounds like you’ll need some extra time on your hands to knock this one out.