If you’d like to hang out and chat with other members of the Maccast community during today’s event I’m set up a live chat.

Apple’s event is over. If you’d like to view the full keynote Apple’s made the video of the event available on their site.

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  1. Trond | Oct 23 2012 - 04:32

    Well, the iPad mini is nice, but Apple screwed up the pricing on it. I would run out and get one at $299, but at $329, I just as well pay a little more and get a regular iPad if I see the need. I have the iPhone and have used Apple computers since 1986, but have not yet seen a big need for an iPad. I do have a Nook SimpleTouch, just for reading books. An iPad mini would have replaced the Nook, but I feel Apple really got the pricing wrong, so that’s where I’ll draw the line.

    To be competitive in the lower priced tablet market, I really think Apple should have gone for the $269 or $279 price point. The $329 mark is not going to make much of a dent. With the pricing wrong, Apple should not have gone down the iPad mini route. Missed opportunity, makes you wonder if Apple would have made such a “blunder” under Steve Jobs. I feel there are cracks starting to be seen on the polished Apple armor. They don’t have another Jobs within the organization and don’t seem to realize they better go out and find another one. Even attending top schools, you can’t memorize and regurgitate your way to becoming an innovator like Jobs. Its a certain passion, charisma, character and drive that makes such a person. They are out there, but large corporations almost never embrace them. Jobs made Apple into what it is today, unfortunately, now it looks like others are busy unmaking what Jobs created.

  2. B | Oct 24 2012 - 08:14

    One can only hope the next-gen iMac will arrive in much less than 539 days…