Maccast 2012.11.18

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 420. 3,600 iPad minis boosted from JFK, Apple’s stock takes a pummeling, Google leads smartphones, but Apple still profits. iMacs may not be home for Christmas. Increased data usages tied to iOS bug. ‘start’ page returns. Apple HDTV still on again off again. Office for iOS Feedback and more. iTunes Match renewal issues? Clearing cookies in Safari. Adding users to shared PhotoStreams. Applr private Beta.

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  1. John Bilinski | Dec 02 2012 - 07:09

    Adam Heres my IOS bug story:

    My normal Usage up to my Data problem:
    12-24 thru 1-23=1028mb
    1-24 thru 2-23=1403mb
    2-24 thru 3-23=978mb
    3-24 thru 4-23=1393mb
    4-24 thru 5-23=1505mb
    5-24 thru 6-23=1412
    6-24 thru 7-23=1735mb
    7M total usage = 9454mb
    9454 ÷ 7 = 1350mb average

    My Data blowup:
    7-24 thru 8-23=5816mb
    8-24 thru 9-23=4142mb
    9-24 thru 10-23=2564mb

    The Issue
    This issue to me started when they released the new Podcast app and of coarse I downloaded it that day.
    I found that most of this increase of data usage was overnight while being in my home WiFi signal (2012 Apple extreme router) and the iPhone was ignoring my home WiFi and instead using cellular data. An interesting tidbit I was not seeing it as sent or received data on my iPhones Usage (Settings-general-Usage-Cellular Usage-Cellular Network Data-Sent or Received). Strange how could I be using cellular data but the internal iPhone usage not be tracking this? Could this also be a Bug?

    Support (or lack of)
    After calling Apple and AT&T and trying to work through what was causing this issue (Multiple hrs on the phone with each) and having both Apple and AT&T pointing the finger at the other. Neither one could find the culprit to my DATA ISSUE. That really SUCKS!!! To clarify what was done to try to fix this issue was to do a restore and reinstall from a backup (Didn’t work) then we restored the iPhone to factory settings as a new device and later I pulled down my data from the iCloud to get I back to my original settings(Didn’t work). All this happened over three week span.

    My Fix
    So being very frustrated and being done with trying to work (waste my time) with either one of them, I started (9-29) to manually shut down all of my opened apps each night before going to bed and as many times during the day when I thought of it and low and behold my data usage dropped back down to a normal level.

    Data usage for the month 9-24 thru 10-23 total=2564mb
    9-24 thru 9-29=2059mb (This is crazy)
    9-29 I started to completely shut down my apps after use
    9-29 thru 10-23=505mb WOW!!!!

    And the following Month
    10-24 thru 11-23=1169mb (remember my average usage for 1 month was 1350mb before all this happened) back to normal.

    Not sure if this helps you or anyone else but at least I feel a little better getting this out. I’m following this RSS feed to this show and I hope you get some more comments on this issue. Ill be listening for a follow up on this issue on a future episodes, thanks for all you do and by the way I’ve been listening to your show since 2008 keep up the great work that you do.

    John Bilinski