Maccast 2012.12.09

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 422. iTunes Store launches in Russia, Turkey, and Lebanon. Apple denies Pro Audio “decimation”. Apple hiring former Texas Instruments chip engineers. iMac upgrades depend on your model. iOS 6.1 beta 3. Some Macs Made in the USA. Track changes now in iOS Pages. iTunes 11 Tips & Tricks. It’s not you, it’s your extension. App Store update stuck. Change change into iTunes Gift Card.

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  1. Allister | Dec 15 2012 - 08:08

    Track changes is great, but isn’t it mostly used when collaborating with other people? How does one share an iWork document? It’s not an easy task.

    A far bigger omission still to be addressed is fonts. All those church flyers etc are going to remain dull whilst iOS restricts them to a single display font.

  2. Allister | Dec 16 2012 - 01:23

    Also, regarding the issue with the incessant update to iPhoto, I’ve had a similar sort of problem, although I’m not sure about the failed install part.

    In any case, make sure to unmount any external drives and then check for updates. After much hair tearing I realised that my clone backup drives’ versions of my apps are detected by the App Store and these cause updates to show, even though the updates will only ever be installed on my actual boot drive.

    Last night I plugged in one of my offsite backups and sure enough, the App Store told me I had 14 updates all of a sudden. Every single update was released weeks ago, but still after I had last backed up to this drive. Now as I’m running my clone update, the number of updates is dwindling. Funny, that!