AAPL Panel for Panic’s Status Board

Written by: Adam Christianson

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In case you missed it, Panic Software released a cool iPad app this week called Status Board. It’s an app that let’s you have various “panels” that can aggregate information for display on your iPad or out to a TV via HDMI ($9.99 in app purchase) or Airplay. The app comes with various panels like a clock, weather, calendar, email, Twitter, and RSS. These have settings and views you can select and you can resize and place them to customize your Status Board. The app also has three panels, Graph, Table, and Do-It-Yourself that can be customized with your own data. You can add data via CSV files or JSON and build view with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All very cool and very extensible.

I played around with making my own Status Board panel and in just a little bit of time was able to build a panel to show Apple’s current stock price. Panic even provides a nice little sample in the form of a How Many People are in Space Right Now panel, which is what I based mine on (just view source ;) ). When you’re done there is even a URL you can build up to share your panel with other Status Board users. If you’d like my $AAPL Stock Panel just click this link from an iPad with the Status Board app installed:


If you make your own panels, let me know: maccast at gmail dot com

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