Maccast 2013.06.04 – WW We’ll See… (part 1)

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 447. With Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference kicking off soon there are lots of folks speculating on what stuff they will announce. But that’s about Apple, what about us? What do we care about? What do we think Apple should announce? In this episode (and the next one) I’ll ask a bunch a smart Mac podcasters exactly that. If you were in charge what would you announce at this years WWDC?

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Guests on this episode
Peter Cohen
The Loop
Angry Mac Bastards

Bart Buschotts
International Mac Podcast
The Mac Roundtable

Katie Floyd
Mac Power Users
The Mac Roundtable

David Sparks
Mac Power Users
The Mac Roundtable

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  1. BJ Wanlund | Jun 06 2013 - 01:58

    Regarding AppleTV: Would it kill Apple to release a monitor that works with the AppleTV???? Because I won’t buy an AppleTV until there’s a somewhat cheap Apple monitor that works with it. Apple charges an arm and a leg for the Apple Cinema Display, but it doesn’t come with HDMI ports, nor does it have in-built speakers, nor does it have a way to connect external speakers (or even a soundbar).

    So, for $1,000 I can have an Apple monitor that only works with SOME Apple products, OR I can spend maybe a quarter of that and get a monitor that has everything I need in such a monitor. The Apple tax does not need to be that major. Especially if Apple is going to continue to double down on this teensy weeny yellow polka dot bikini of an AppleTV box!

    My current living situation is such where a monitor of maybe 27 inches or so would be absolutely perfect. It’d have to use HDMI, have speakers, and the whole works, but it would actually work really well for me. Too bad Apple can’t be bothered (yet) to release a monitor that works with the AppleTV, because I am technically a cord-cutter now much like Katie Floyd.