Maccast 2013.06.19

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 449. A Week After WWDC. iPhone rumors continue. Apple updates Java and Apple TV. Thoughts and WWDC wishes. Bluray and DVD to iTunes conversion. Troubleshooting Home Sharing. What are your apps doing? Find out. Disconnect monitors when rendering.

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  1. Nat | Jun 20 2013 - 05:39

    Great podcast as usual, Adam. Question. I am in the market for a Mac Mini. Should I get one now awake till this fall? Haswell minis? Thanks

  2. Nat | Jun 20 2013 - 05:54

    Forgot to mention. I want to work with Final Cut Pro. Short video tutorial podcasts. Thank you.

  3. Andy | Jun 21 2013 - 10:47

    Hey Adam,
    Long time listener(when I can) and appreciate your show. Just wanted to add my choice in video conversion utilities. . . Video Converter Ultimate by Wondershare. Nice UI, can get in there and select portions to be converted. Take a look if you haven’t already.

    Also, just had to say thank you so much for the thorough review and outlook on all Apple had to offer, especially the Mac Pro. I have been waiting and waiting for this release, and I’ll tell you I was jumping up and down watching that reveal. And to see all the neigh-sayers, and all the negativity surrounding it. They just don’t get it. And when I heard Leo Laporte being just as persuaded by everyone else and all the stupid comments of the trash-can idea . . . I am no longer a listener and all of a sudden the cloud was lifted and saw his arrogance and ego shinning through. Haven’t listened to either one of you guys in a while, but soon realized where my heart and ears belong. I mean jeez, doesn’t he / don’t they realize this thing is MUCH SMALLER than a trash can! Can’t wait to have one of those baby’s on my desk! Granted price is gonna be high, but it is a PRO machine. You don’t like it, the iMac is still PLENTY capable with it’s fusion drive. ALMOST got one. Glad I held out and had faith when everyone around me did not. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. BerndR | Jun 24 2013 - 10:56

    Hi Adam,

    wonderful show – as always.

    The answer to your question about how long a MacCast should be longest is actually quite simple: As long as possible … No limits. If you have content for 5 hours, so be it :-)