Maccast 2013.07.09

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 452. Macbook Air is top “ultrabook”. Apple retail preps for Fall onslaught. Free apps for App Store anniversary. New iPad in September. iPad mini delayed. iOS 7 beta 3 out to developers. The importance of decimals. “What the App is that”?

Allison Sheridan, Nosillacast
Brian Dunaway, Comics Coast to Coast
Brian Ibbott, Coverville
Scott Johnson, Frogpants Studios
Joel Duggan, Starcrossed

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  1. Dave | Jul 09 2013 - 04:14

    I was surprised that you weren’t real familiar with iCatcher. I think its a quality product but I’ve never found a feature that sets it apart from Downcast or Instacast 3.So, it’s third place for me, but a respectable 3rd.

    It does have one feature that, I think, would interest you. It and Instacast 3 let users create ad-hoc chapter markers in ordinary mp3 podcasts. It does give us the option of adding chapter markers to podcasts that are done by that 98% of the podcasters who don’t take the time to do AAC podcasts with built-in chapter markers. Thank you, Adam!

    I think the coolest aspect of the Macbook Air story is how subversive it is. Intel already knows as well as Horace that the vast majority of Apple’s revenue and profit comes from ARM devices (“ARM” -> Acorn RISC Machine) and they are stuck with CISC! That’s why they’ve been begging the clones to produce an Air competitor. The Air already gets about double the battery life of the Windoz laptops and Intel must be shaking in their boots that Apple will evolve an iOS device with the Air form factor (That would be their answer to the Chromebook, but done right). That product would get even better battery life than the new Airs and further marginalize Intel at Apple.