Maccast 2013.07.27

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 454. Apple’s 3rd quarter earnings. Apple acquires more mapping powers. Apple testing bigger iPads. Will a low cost iPhone be the new 4S? Retina Macbook Pro updates delayed slightly. Apple creates Boston Siri team. iTunes Podcast subscriptions reach a billion. Making a private “me” card in Contacts. Writing your own OS X Service. Will you re-buy apps for iOS 7? Calendar tips and tricks.

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  1. gary miller | Jul 31 2013 - 11:45

    i’m happy to pay for new versions that are an upgrade, same as purchasing apple’s new OS each year.

  2. John | Aug 02 2013 - 04:54

    Hi Adam

    First of thanks for the show I like the news section a lot.

    About paying for apps you already bought. For me it is on a per app basis. It depends on what was changed and how much they charge.

    Any listener nows how you feel about it, but if you can afford so much. It makes me wonder if you need support at all.

    I already sold my xbox 360 because of the endless extra charges that game companies placed and the restrictions.

    If to many ios devs did the same It may make a good point to switch to android or drop everything and not buy any.

    Plus do you think Apple would like a large part of their apps not supporting the latest ios or phone. Did they not just force all apps to support iPhone 5 screen size.

    I already support game devs by buying their apps and playing them for maybe 10 mins. I need a controller I really do not like the touch pad and I did not care for the add on pieces. So if companies like gameloft do not at least add game contoller support to their modern combat line of games I would really take that up with apple.

    I await your thought on what I said, and if our views don’t match I still wish you well.


  3. John | Aug 02 2013 - 05:51

    Hello Gary,

    I hope you are well and enjoying your apple stuff

    But i have a question , do you really think an app is the same as the os it runs on?
    And are you not afraid of devs making changes just to charge for an upgrade and not to improve the app?
    Thats what I am afraid of A company saying to its developers we need this number of changes so we can charge an upgrade fee and not just leave a full featured working app alone.

    Thanks for making me think about it and you take care.