Apple’s event is over. If you’d like to view the full keynote Apple’s made the video of the event available on their site.

There is 1 comment on Live Chat for Apple’s October ‘We still have a lot to cover’ Event (updated):

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  1. BerndR | Oct 23 2013 - 06:30

    Hi there,

    my 2 cents:

    1. iPad Air:
    Looks nice and light, unfortunately not the iPhone 5s’s camera – especially when you see people taking pictures with it in the iPad users movie it is a bit weird that Apple didn’t add it.
    When you drop it, does it fall slowly like a leaf now? :-D

    2. iPad mini
    – Finally retina :-) (if Apple would have made the first mini 7″ it would have been Retina inherently)
    – Also only the old 5MP camera, not the new one
    – Only available with 16GB???
    – Apple should make the Phone app available on the GSM/LTE version for those people that really like big, big phones. :-D

    3. MacBook Pro
    – Finally the Haswells!
    – By the way: not even 1/2 pound heavier than a MacBook Air
    – Definitely will get one next week (waiting for the first reactions about bugs)
    – 16GB or i7? 10% more is not worth the i7 – is Hyperthreading?

    4. Mac Pro
    I’m still not sure if this is what “professionals” really want. Sure it’s small and cute and packs a lot of power but basically storage needs to be external and you just can’t add cards if you need to (I don’t, but surely there are people who do – e.g. a RED Rocket-X). 6 Thunderbolt interfaces are nice but if you really use all 6 then the elegance will be gone.
    – No 10GB Ethernet
    – No FibreChannel (although there might be adapters)
    – No option at all to change graphics cards when faster ones become available (always a nice thing to extend a computer’s life)
    I am sure a lot of “lifestyle professionals” will put one on their desk but hopefully it is enough to get music and film studios go for it as well and not another Cube (desaster) in the making.

    5. iLife, iWork
    Was about time for new versions.

    6. Mavericks:
    Updated already :-)