Maccast 2013.12.04

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 470. From Flyover to Walkthrough? Brazil asks Apple to get Real. iPad mini retina display not the best. Reports say Apple’s Friday was blacker. New iOS TextExpander changes sharing. Apple buys yet another company. HD storage capacities and Apple OSes. Other missing iOS storage. Helpful Safari shortcuts. DIY iPhone Repair and Applecare advice. Replace Mavericks login background.

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  1. Excuses | Dec 07 2013 - 05:32

    That defense of the iPad Mini Retina screen was just embarrassing. Whether a report is based on fact or not, if Apple is declared the “winner” you praise them for superiority. But when Apple is discussed in even the slightest of negativity you jump p to defend them as if they were your grandma getting mugged.

    I have the Air and rMini and both are fantastic machines. But IF the rMini is proven to have a lesser screen (which is proven by human and digital eyes) then whats wrong with just reporting it without all the exaggerated excuses and nonsense like “maybe next gen Apple will leapfrog the competition”. Especially considering you’re made up stuff tends to be wrong more than its right (Mini wont be usable, 5c is going to be huge, iPad Air will be impossible to find etc).

    I love your show and all but you really need to sit back and realize that “Lemming” rant you had points more at you than it does anyone else since you’re the one who’s actually broadcasting this FUD.

  2. Gene G. | Dec 07 2013 - 07:07

    I recently purchased an iPad Mini Retina AND a Kindle HDX for my grandson.The humanly perceivable difference between these two tablets screens is nil in my opinion. That differences can be measured & quantified via instrumentation is of interest to those so inclined, but has little real world value. My son in law is a professional graphic designer, and uses a Mac Pro for that, not his iPad 3rd gen retina.

    People, in general, purchase tablets for the overall experience, rarely for the minutiae of display specs. I got the Mini Retina to replace my 3rd gen iPad, as I wanted the smaller form factor. I purchased the Kindle HDX for my grandson for the specialized “Kids” interface that they have implemented. Most people I know do the same, and could care less if the display uses “cool technology A” vs “cool technology B”, and whether or not tablet B has pixels per inch more than an already human eye imperceptible number of pixels per inch.

    Also, it’s Adams podcast, and he is free to characterize things the way he sees them. He candidly points out problems with Apple products when warranted, but I would hardly characterize the Mini Retina display as problematical. I can understand his hedging on the “test” results, as the differences are so arcane that they are hardly worth discussing with a general audience.

  3. J Maher | Dec 10 2013 - 08:37

    Another keyboard shortcut for traversing through tabs: Control +Tab to go from left to right, Control + Shift + Tab to go from right to left