Maccast 2013.12.23

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 472. iPhone 5S still tops carrier sales. Macs also doing well this holiday season. MacPro finally on sale, sorta. OS X Mavericks 9.0.1 update. Let the 2014 rumors commence. Apple’s deal with China Mobile. Older iSights hacked to hide spying. iPod Father didn’t get the RED Mac Pro. Simple tips to protect your privacy. iPad Air Smart Case alternatives. Google contact address and Apple ID problem. Mac CPU upgrades.

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  1. Trond | Dec 27 2013 - 10:36

    Adam, you did call for product reviews. Thought it just as easy to post here, someone will see it. I just got the Marware Milan folio case for the iPhone 5s:

    I really like it. Stylish and distinctive. Plus, Marware has always been known for their quality. My iPhone 3G had no scratches, because I always used a Marware case. Then with the iPhone 4s, I used no case and put two scratches on the screen by accidentally putting keys in the same pocket – while on a business trip, going through airport security. So, I decided to look for an ideal case for the iPhone 5s.

    The Marware Milan is maybe a little bigger than I would like, but it looks really good. It is functional on a day-to-day basis. I dropped a couple of business cards into the clear pocket designed for id. The drivers license and a bank card easily slips into the top pocket. I found that adding cash makes the case bulge out a bit, so I only do that when I am running to the store, out for shopping or on a trip. Above all, I like that the iPhone and wallet is one unit – I’ve always used a money clip. Much easier to keep track of.

  2. DonCornelius | Dec 29 2013 - 07:38

    Hi Adam,
    In the Mac Pro reporting, I think you meant megabytes instead of megabits when you were talking about the storage performance, around 18:44? Sorry if this has already come up. Thanks for the podcast!