Maccast 2014.02.02 – Storage Solutions with Dave Hamilton

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 476. It’s another rather slow news week and we could continue to talk about the newest batch of iWatch rumors… yawn. No. Instead, many of you have been asking me to go over Mac storage solutions. You know, NAS, RAID, Media Servers and the like? It’s a big topic, so I brought in our friend Dave Hamilton (The Mac Observer and Mac Geek Gab podcast) and we talked about which storage solutions are best suited for your various storage needs.

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  1. Dan Wieder | Feb 04 2014 - 09:28

    So one comment after listening to this podcast. Adam, you talked about doing direct backups for Time Machine. So do you do the same thing with your Macbook Pro? Do you routinely plug and unplug a disk to do your backups? Do you leave it plugged in when you are at home and then disconnect it when you travel? Having a direct attached drive for Time Machine backups makes sense with an iMac, since that doesn’t move around, but with the laptops ti seems more of a manual task to plug and unplug.

  2. Stephen | Feb 07 2014 - 11:38

    Hey Adam, can you outline your workflow for using ChronoSync and mounted shares from a server or NAS.

    Originally I had all my data stored on my iMac for speed and availability, and had recently added a MacMini server and for the past few months moved my client project folders to the Mini. Speed hasn’t been the issue for this, however some of the files I open (FileMaker) it does warn me on open to move the files local or host them ( expected behavior – if they have sharing option turned on ). Editing text field are not a problem.

    But I find my self spending time moving files to the local drive while working thus having to move them back at some point when the project is done, replacing the prior version.

    And both computers are being backed up to CrashPlan both to local attached storage and to the CrashPlan Central.

    At one point I was considering using OwnCloud ( Open source type of dropbox ). This wouldn’t be a problem if most of my documents were text, pictures and non binary files – but FileMaker files are binary and can be come corrupted when being moved by a sync operation when in use. I have had first had experience with corrupted databases when the file was opened while in DropBox.

    So in this Podcast you kind of flipped the whole idea upside down. Instead of mounting the shares for to access the files and use them you keep the files local and schedule the sync, thus creating a live archive of data, and just delete the file from the local when active?

  3. Eric | Feb 13 2014 - 08:23

    Loved this episode but want more! (-;

    Do you or Dave know a tutorial article explaining how you are using and how to setup a NAS?

    I actually have Synology Diskstation. It’s connected to my network and my Samsung “Smart” TV.
    Basicially I’m just using it to store pictures and a few videos.

    But I wonder how I can use the MediaServer functionality you guys spoke about to store\cateorize movies. How do I setup on the Synology? What do I need on my Macbook Pro to do this?

    Also, same type of questions for iTunes. I’m not clear on how to put iTunes library (which is on my Macbook Pro) and use that. And what exactly does the iTunesServer thingy on the Synology do?

    So many questions, so little time. Would love an article with screenshots in addition to more shows on this topic. Thanks.