Maccast 2014.05.19

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 488. More on Beats acquisition rumors. Split-screen in iOS 8. Apple can’t fix vanishing iMessages. Apple Updates OS X, iTunes, and Podcasts. Chip and Pin, tap to pay, and NFC. Mac OS X “Cubed”. Drivers for unsupported printers. Tweaking Safari’s Top Hits. Fixing iTunes Album Art.

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  1. John | May 19 2014 - 09:39

    My two cents regarding Apple and a yet to be confirmed acquisition of Beats Music. Selling computer devices make up 87% of Apple revenue, but iTunes made 4.5 billion just last quarter. However growth in iTunes is stagnating. I wondered too why Apple would be making a 3 billion bet with Beats, however listening to Marco Arment in this weeks Accidental Tech Podcaset, I came to realize that Apple needs to allow this portion of the business to be run by those in the music business. The headphones are paned, but are popular with healthy margins. The streaming service is well regarded. The Beats management understand the music business better then a group of middle age white guys in Silicon Valley. Apple acquired NeXT allowing Steve Jobs to take the reins as CEO, and NeXTSTEP to be the foundation for the new Mac operations system. Beats Electronics can be acquired by iTunes allowing Iovine and Young to take over direction, and Beats Music to be a new foundation.