WWDC 2014 Maccast Live Chat

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Live Event

If you’d like to hang out and chat with other members of the Maccast community during today’s live stremaing of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote.

Apple’s event is over. If you’d like to view the full keynote Apple’s made the video of the event available on their site.

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  1. Noah | Jun 02 2014 - 09:24

    Hi, love the show. I just hope apple don’t ruin OS X

  2. Rapide | Jun 02 2014 - 09:11

    the live stream is not up yet?

  3. Noah | Jun 02 2014 - 09:58

    The live stream is up and running

  4. Larry | Jun 03 2014 - 03:16

    Some of the new features in Yosemeite appears to be trouble for apps like Dropbox and Alfred. Any thoughts?

  5. San Diego Dave | Jun 03 2014 - 07:24

    Larry, you’re absolutely right. Not just dropbox, but also Google (since Spotlight will now search the web as well as your local drives, and it will be using Bing). And on iOS the messages app has effectively “sherlocked” WhatsApp and Snap Chat, incorporating many of the features that made those apps popular.