Maccast 2015.08.26

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 538. Is Apple Music losing subscribers? More changes at Apple Retail. Apple highlights Apple Pay in new ad. iPad Pro may arrive later this year. Apple may change venue for next event. Why iPhone AL might be important. Apple TV sales falling, bring on the new Apple TV. Apple replaces faulty iSight on some iPhone 6s Pluses. Apple Watch “smart” bands rumored. How do you use your Apple Watch? Fixing dates on imported Photos. I just want to talk to a Genius.

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  1. Alan Brash | Aug 27 2015 - 11:14

    Hi, great show.
    Apple Music has lost me as from yesterday. Since last weeks podcast I decided to give Apple Music one more try. I organised playlists and started to look for albums online that I had streamed and added to my Spotify play lists. This was not a great experience. I located the track on Apple Music checked favourite and the tick appeared. I ended up with duplicate tracks when I added within the App. I started to play tracks and at the same time removed the duplicates. this led to crashes and then not having any streaming, although the graphic equaliser winks away indicating it is playing your tune. If I touch a track to then play it crashes. I now occasionally get the ‘join Apple Music’ screen. I thought I was still within the free trial period. So puzzled and I have wasted so much time at my desk trying to sort out play lists and get something out of it.

    Another niggle is playing in the car. So I have had the Music app playing at my desk with head phones on. End of day and I jump into my car to drive home (Audi 2013). The media centre on the car picks up that I have been using Apple Music, but does it continue from where I left off (as it does in Spotify), no it does not. It goes to my full music list and picks a random track. So before I drive off I need to spend time finding the point where I want to continue from where I was listening before I left work. If then I need to go to the shop before home for some groceries I have to do the same all over when I get back into the car. Now this may be user error and a lack of knowledge of the app. It should not be this difficult. My partner refuses to move away from Spotify as the hastle of using Apple Music is too much to handle. These may be small things but given that there is good competing apps and services it is just not good enough.

    United Kingdom

  2. Chuck Smith | Sep 02 2015 - 04:01

    Just wanted to echo your comments about making a Genius Bar appt – I experienced the same level of frustration just last week – started Thursday night, hoping for a Friday appt, but Sunday was earliest I could see someone. I felt like Apple did not want me to book a Genius Bar appt! It did not used to be that hard.

    BTW, as a result of my Genius Bar appt, I take issue with your comment that Apple products hold their value. My appt was regarding my gen 3 iPad that I purchased with WiFi and LTE support for $900 in 2012. Apple could not revive my unit – the battery never seemed to hold a charge and I never got further than just an Apple logo. They offered me $80 for my 3 year old iPad, then told me I might not even get that because I engraved my name and phone # if found on the back. After checking, they told me the policy had recently been changed so I indeed could get $80, but only if I bought a new product. I could not apply the credit to a refurbished iPad to save money! My trade-in credit was blamed on a dead battery, so I could get more $, but I definitely felt little value remained for my device – even if it were functioning fine.

    I ended up buying an iPad Air 2 for $600 – even after applying a corporate discount credit of $20 – the bigger 15% discount I was used to only applied to computers.

    All around, not a very satisfying Apple Genius Bar experience!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Terry | Sep 08 2015 - 04:20

    Hi Adam

    After listening to your show i have one of the iPhone 6+ with the camera problem, I called Apple today and told them that my serial # is one of the affected units. I asked about having a replacement unit sent out as I living 5 hours from a Apple Store and they told me that if they shipped me a phone i would have to pay for the shipping, So I am looking for the Phone # to take this to the next level.

    Thank You