Maccast 2015.09.12 – Apple Event

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 540. Apple’s ‘Hey, Siri’ Event, Apple Watch updates, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, New Apple TV, iPad Pro, Odds & Ends, What do we use Apple Watch for. Clearing Apple Music cache. Clean Install OS X El Capitan.

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  1. Bruce Wilson | Sep 14 2015 - 05:33

    Good discussion on the nuke and pave (clean install). One step I’d suggest adding, which is that after you do that last check of backups and before you reboot to the installer, deauthorize apps where that makes sense. For example, deauthorize the computer from iTunes. I use a great git application called Tower and they limit the number of installs. So I need to deauthorize that before doing a nuke and pave.

  2. Andy Campbell | Sep 20 2015 - 08:15

    Same as Bruce, liked the info on the clean install. Did it for Yosemite on my Daughter’s 2007 vintage (Apple’s term for machines that old) iMac. Had some trouble with the create bootable installer instructions on Apple’s support site. I was still running Snow Leopard on her machine. Some of the trouble I was having was syntax (I’m relatively new to Mac and this was my first Terminal project) and once I got the syntax correct I found out the bootable installer instructions won’t work on Snow Leopard. I also figured out I had to reformat my SanDisk Cruzer Glide for Mac. I copied the installer on to the Glide, ran the Yosemite installer to update my daughters machine, copied the installer back to Applications and then tried the bootable installer procedure. Success!

    My intent wasn’t necessarily to execute a clean install but to create the bootable installer in case I need it. After Sep 30th I will do another one for El Cap. I’ll probably leave my daughter’s machine on Yosemite but I will upgrade my MacBook Pro. Learned a lot about Terminal in the process. Seems very similar to old Dos commands but it has been decades since I executed any of those. Thanks for the info and the show!

  3. | Sep 21 2015 - 06:13

    Interesting list at this blog.Definately gonna check some of these podcasts out. The list made it to the frontpage of Digg, which is always good for an extra hit or two .