Maccast 2016.07.06

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 577. iPhone 7 new storage options. Spotify is not happy with Apple. NYC Apple institution Tekserve shuts down. Apple new beta 2s are out. New Mac malware spotted. External USB drives unmounting/remounting. iDevice life-hacks. What does an ‘optimized’ iCloud Photo Library mean. What does Wi-Fi Assist do? Getting Apple help anywhere anytime.

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  1. Andy Campbell | Jul 16 2016 - 07:57


    Just wanted to leave a quick note on your getting help from Apple section. Great piece, I bookmarked those sites right away and the very next day I needed to set up a call. I was trying to get a .png photo to import into Photos but it was not showing up in the list of photos to import but I could see it in finder. Couldn’t find anything on the web about an inability of Photos to read or import .png.

    I was trying to get a print made to frame as a going away present for an employee and the photo kiosk I was using at FedEx Office was not seeing the .png file either. My hope was to import the file into Photos and convert it to .jpg (I was doing this last minute of course so I could not order the print from Smugmug, or Apple).

    I set up a call for 07:30 the next morning and got my issue addressed in 5 minutes. Still don’t know why Photos didn’t see the file but the technician showed me that you can just drag and drop from Finder to Photos. Felt kinda dumb actually at not having thought of that. In the end I think the problem may have been an issue with he SD card or how the file was stored rather than the kiosk system or Photos having an issue reading .png files. Bottom line, I got the file converted and got my print made. Call back system worked like a champ! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mark Withers | Jul 22 2016 - 05:30

    Hello Adam,

    I tried your suggestion of removing the ‘/Library/SystemConfiguration’ folder and my iMac would not let me. When I dragged it to the trash, I only received the message that it was “needed” and could not be removed.

    How did you remove the folder?

    There are lots of plist fils in that folder. Is it advisable to remove the entire folder?

    Thanks for the great podcast!