Maccast 2016.12.24

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 597. Odd rumor of plastic iPhone display. Apple still has ‘great desktops’ coming. What AirPod teardowns reveal. My AirPod adventure and AirPod review with Michael Johnston from The iOS Show.

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  1. Tom | Dec 26 2016 - 08:52

    Thankful for not waiting for 2016 Macbook pro

    I went from worrying about ‘buyers remorse’ to being happy with ‘buyers relief’. My daughter needed a new laptop to replace her late 2008 Macbook pro to start her freshman year at PSU. I was so worried that I would miss something by buying last year’s model prior to the release of the 2016 laptops. Not anymore.

    As a college student, she needs to be able to share information and give presentations. The reasons below are why the 2015 model (2.9 GHz, 8GB ram, 512 GB SSD drive= $1799.00) was so much better for her (and me) than the 2016.

    List of reasons
    1) Price,
    2) Free wireless Beats headset
    3) HDMI port to allow hookup to one of millions of HD TVs. (Apple was slow to get one of these ports and is now first to lose it – dumbfounded on this)
    4) USB ports to sync and charge about every computer accessory on the planet (including her iPhone)
    5) Mag safe charger – (to avoid accidental damage)
    6) No significant difference in processing power
    7) No battery life issues
    8) SD card reader for sharing photos between her and classmates

    As an aside, I started looking at Windows 10 all-in-ones and was amazed at their features. I haven’t looked at a windows laptop in years until the 2016 Macbook came out. Unless Apple brings forth some crazy new innovation, I expect my next laptop to be a touch screen windows device. I hope that is not the case. Our family of 5 currently owns 4 Macbook Pros, 2 iMacs, 10 iPhones, 3 iPod touches, and 4 iPod nanos.