Maccast 2017.09.02

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 626. Appleā€™s September is on the 12th. iOS 11 and High Sierra are coming too. Apple adds Accenture to iOS business partnership. Google AR Core shows why ARKit is HUGE. Smart Bands rumored, again. Apple Studios taking shape? Freedom vs. Car Service. Why Samsung Pay and not Apple Pay. Cleaning up contacts. Podcast app “Episode Unavailable”. Siri do you know my name? Migrating iTunes library to an external drive.

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  1. Don Squres | Sep 04 2017 - 07:15

    Two comments: first, the application “contacts cleaner” is not available on the US Mac App Store; second, my local CVS has contactless payment available (as indicated by the “wifi” logo), but does not accept Apple Pay. Since I do not have a Samsung phone I don’t know whether Samsung pay would work, but the CVS machine recognizes my iPhone and starts to process the charge but aborts with an error message. My guess is that Samsung Pay would work using the Samsung phone’s built-in NFC chip.

  2. Al C | Sep 05 2017 - 07:27

    Hi, in this podcast, you ask for a response from someone that doesn’t love his AirPod. I am one of the AirPod owner that does not love it. The user interface is terrible for me. It is a total pain to control the unit such as volume and track controls. I do not like using Siri for this purpose, it don’t like to perform voice commands and I don’t always have data connection, especially at work. Depending on the App, sometimes removing one AirPod to mute it, reinserting it does not restore the playback. I always have to take my iPhone / iPad out to control the playback. The Apple Watch can not pair up with other devices for control.

    For some reason, my AirPod sound drops out if I have my iPhone in my left front pocket, works fine in the others.

    Also, some non-iOS devices have no volume control. The volume is on max if the device does not support Bluetooth volume commands.

    Finally, although it does not fall out if I move my head or jump, if I touch the AirPod slightly, it would fall out. At times, I still carry my EarPods.

    Love your podcast, thanks