Maccast 2018.05.28 – Apple Music with Brian Ibbott

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 658. A special episode of the Maccast. We cover all the latest Apple music related news with out friend Brian Ibbott (Coverville). Apple added 2M Apple Music subscribers in two months. Apple Music’s popularity and growth. Changes to Spotify’s free tier, will they impact on Apple Music? Apple wants to be a little bit more country. Thoughts on the debate about HomePod’s success.

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  1. William Mackela | Jun 02 2018 - 02:25

    I just finished listening to this episode. It was so cool hearing the two of you talking. It brought back the early days of podcasting. I was an early adopter. My main four podcasts that I listened to were the daily podcast from Adam Curry, The weekly audiobook podcast from Scott Sigler (I started listening to him when he had put out his third episode of Earthcore, so I had to backtrack and catchup.) Then soon as I heard about The Maccast I jumped on. On I am such a music guy that Coverville was a no brainer. I don’t know what happened too Adam, but I am still subscribed to the other three.
    Thanks for having Brian on. You should do it again, and maybe even get Scott to join in. That would be a wild show!

  2. Adam Christianson | Jun 04 2018 - 07:54

    Really glad you enjoyed the show. I’ve already got plans to have Scott on as he has some thoughts on the Mac Pro that are relevant to recent discussions we’ve been having on the show.