Maccast 2018.07.31

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 666. Apple’s Q3 2018 results. Triple iPhone Update imminent. Siri performs well in AI testing. MacBook Pro T2 chip shutdowns. Apple possibly working on ‘Time Bandits’ series. Apple has forced developers to subscriptions. Startup Security Utility booting new MacBook Pro. Cross-platform encrypted disk images. Using USB Restricted Mode.

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  1. Kevin Imbimbo | Aug 06 2018 - 10:56

    You mentioned Paperless software in the last show and I have recently switched from Neat to Paperless. In the last month, I have been working to reorganize my scanned documents to fit in with the structure of Paperless. All is going well, except for exporting individual receipts in a folder to a QIF file. Paperless, evidently, wants to export the contents of the entire folder, and not an individual document or receipt. As I am continually exporting individual receipts to SEE, my financial program, this is inconvenient. I have found, what I think is a work around, but wanted your advice. What I have done is to create an “export folder”. I drop in the receipts from the folders or collections that I want to transfer, and then use the export folder as the transfer folder. This actually is more efficient than Neat, in that I can export more than one document at a time. Am I a genius, or is there a more logical and intuative way to do this? Thanks for all your help, tips and suggestions – P.S. – never thanked you for your recommendation on the Spigen for iPhone. I have used it since my 6 and now with my IPhone 7 – love it!
    A faithful listener – Kevin