Maccast 2019.01.13

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 688. More AirPlay 2 Smart TVs. More 2019 iPhone speculation. Theories on iPhone’s sales decline. Mac sales also on the slide. International news. Messages videos, fullscreen. Story of a bent iPad Pro. When AppleCare isn’t covering it. Current AR apps on iOS.

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  1. Barbara Walchko | Jan 26 2019 - 12:28

    You asked for comment re where Apple is going…. I honestly think that Steve Jobs has been rolling over in his grave. Steve never put out software or hardware that wasn’t 100% or near 100% perfect.

    We now have a leader that states bendable ipads are ok. His Mojave was released with definite printer problems and doesn’t seem to care. He’s taken the “i” out of names for no reason. He let Siri fall back to the point where we will never recover. He has made so many iterations of hardware it is difficult to decide which one to purchase. We don’t need all the different iPhones or ipads that are out there. Steve had one of each maybe 2. I remember Steve saying of new product “The price remains the same”. I wonder what he would think about $1,000 entry level for an iPhone. We were #1 with Steve and now we are #3????? That’s terrible.

    We should be spending our time and effort on our “bread and butter” hardware. Not with the movie industry and making new cars. He “threw away” millions of dollars on the car which never happened… The movie industry is a difficult nut to crack and doesn’t belong in the hands of a computer/phone company.

    If corporate Apple doesn’t watch it, we will go down the tubes like it was after Steve left last time. I really wonder how Tim Cook gets away with it.

    “And that’s the truth!” as Lily Tomlin would say.