Maccast 2019.07.17

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast


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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 711. New MacBook Pro and Air. Possible iPhone 11 Logic Board. Apple heating up TV+ promotions. SSD Upgrades and the Fusion effect. Apple “exclusive” podcasts are BAD. Family Music sharing, not “sharing”. Thing of the Moment: Apple Texas Hold’em.

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  1. Douglas Mardavich | Jul 18 2019 - 05:45 hi Adam. I put a SSD in my hand me down 2009 MacBook to my son. Like u said the change was awesome. He’s still in high school. I also talked my friends into doing it to in there 2012 MacBook Pro. Made a world of difference in both machines.
    Thx 4 the show. Love it. Keep up the great work. Get better too.

  2. Ken Piehl | Jul 20 2019 - 10:22

    Adam, you spoke recently about the rumors about Apple may be switiching away from intel in some of the products. I’m at a point where I need to replace my MacBook Pro and would like to better understand what problems I might encounter if I purchaae now and next year they make the switch.

  3. Adam Christianson | Jul 29 2019 - 10:21

    Hey Ken, I don’t think you’ll encounter ANY problems. Apple is likely a few years away from releasing a Mac using their own chip designs and even when they do I expect it to be a slow roll out with support for BOTH Intel and ARM based chips in their products.