MacCast 04.13.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 49. Tiger is coming on April 29th, Apple’s earnings beat estimates, iPod is #1 flash player in February, iTMS coming to Japan by year end, HP begins selling iPod photos and will we see new PowerMacs next week? Some concerns about PowerMac cooling systems, MacCast listener offers more evidence of new G5s, OWC offering MacMini upgrades and get $30 off .Mac from Apple. Special Report: Scanning 35mm Negatives and Slides #2, iPod Shuffle armband listener review, Tiger compatibility, listener offers GMail accounts, how to make your PC look like a Mac and The SourceCodeMini podcast promo. Enjoy! Shownotes in HTML or OPML

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  1. Terrance | Apr 14 2005 - 02:19

    Eye of the Adam!

    Heard that intro and got hyped. That was a cool little treat. Definitely can’t wait for Tiger to come out. I am Mac user, hear me roar!

    Happy to hear iTMS Japan will be out by year’s end. I live in Japan and don’t have a US issued credit card so I can’t shop on iTMS US. Also, looking forward to your Tiger install prep MacCast. Keep up the good work and if the RIAA come after you give’em your best MacCast uppercut.

  2. Dorothy | Apr 14 2005 - 08:49

    Great podcast–Liked all the reviews and thank the reviewers. This brings up the way the podcasts, forum and website are all working well together. I recognized James’ call as he helped me a lot at the forum via private chat along with other listeners posting at the MacCast forum.

    P.S. We can start a defense fund Adam if you need it (!)

  3. Rob van der Burgt | Apr 14 2005 - 02:36

    Hi adam, takes care of the .tk domains. Tokelau is this small island and it uses this service to raise money for the island. You basicly get a domain for free with an frame and some advertisements ( wich you can turn off ). Great service if you want to setup a quick domainname, free fast and easey ( I should be in sales )

    love the show,

    – Rob