Tiger Update: April 29th @ 6:00 PM

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Tiger UnleashedHey. I just got in from meeting with my tax preparer and I saw the news. The official release date for Tiger is April 29th at 6 PM. I am going to assume that means 3 PM here on the Pacific coast, not sure how that works internationally. The price is $129.00 USD for a single user and $199.00 USD for a family pack (5 computers). Apple will also have a “bundle” of Tiger, iLife and iWork for $249.00 USD which saves you fifty bucks. System requirements are a G3, G4 or G5 with built-in Firewire and 256MB of RAM. OS X Tiger Server will also be released for $499.00 USD (10 client) and $999.00 USD (unlimited). Server will feature support for 64-bit processors and an iChat server. Tiger Server requires 4GB of hard disk space, wow! I am so excited. Now I need to get the day off so I can hit the Apple Store early. MacCast Tiger Release Edition to follow on May 1st. I know where some of my tax refund is going. ;)

Buy OS X Tiger from Amazon.com through the MacCast and save $35, plus support the show.

UPDATE: Listener Craig sent these link for anyone wonder what’s new in Tiger:
The 200+ New Features in Tiger
A comparison of the features in different versions of OS X

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  1. David | Apr 12 2005 - 10:52

    Woo hoo – yeap, we’re excited here in the UK too. For us Brits it’s £89:00 GBP Sterling. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. My nearest store is 300 miles away though. :-(

  2. mike | Apr 12 2005 - 10:09

    Awesome, very pumped… Maybe I will hit the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC…

    Now, if I order my Mac Mini now will it come with Tiger? or do I have to wait until April 29th or order my mini so I get Tiger installed on it?


  3. yellowbrick | Apr 12 2005 - 11:12


  4. Craig Patchett | Apr 12 2005 - 11:50

    If you’re patient enough to wait past the release date for delivery, Amazon is offering a pre-order rebate: $35 for the single user version and $50 for the family pack. (It’s not clear if this is a cash rebate or Amazon credit.)

    As always, if you order online from Apple they promise deliver “by April 29th”. I received iLife the day before its release.


  5. Justin | Apr 12 2005 - 11:33

    If you get the student discount it is only $69 US and that is with free shipping!

  6. maccast | Apr 12 2005 - 11:19

    If you are going to buy from Amazon, please buy OS X Tiger through the MacCast and support the show. Thanks.

  7. Craig Patchett | Apr 12 2005 - 11:04

    Done. Another benefit of ordering from Amazon is free shipping and no sales tax (for most states), so my total savings were $45. Not bad.

    Now I just have to convince Adam to loan me his copy until mine gets here (since he lives a mile away from me :-)


  8. Adam Faircloth | Apr 12 2005 - 11:57

    I hear that the release time is 6pm local time, at least here in the states. Internationally, it may be the same or maybe not.

  9. John Dennett | Apr 12 2005 - 12:48

    So does anyone know which build ended up going GM?

  10. yellowbrick | Apr 12 2005 - 01:45

    $69 for education…

  11. Bruce | Apr 12 2005 - 06:48

    Apple is offering an exclusive online seminar to those who buy Tiger through their website. I wonder how comprehensive it is?

  12. Craig Jolicoeur | Apr 12 2005 - 06:03

    I just pre-ordered Tiger directly from the apple.com site for $69 and according to the site, I’m guaranteed to have it by April 29. I can’t wait!!

  13. bob sprankle | Apr 13 2005 - 01:05

    Yahoo! Hey Adam, you were talking about doing a show or putting information up for how to get ready for Tiger and how to do the best type of install. Is that coming (or already here and I missed it)?



  14. Craig Patchett | Apr 13 2005 - 10:09

    I think for this one I’m going to clear off a hard drive partition, do a completely clean install, and rebuild my system from scratch.

  15. Larry | Apr 13 2005 - 08:17

    Cool…saved some bucks on Tiger and simultaneously donated a few bucks (or more likely a few cents…who knows) to Maccast. A good purchase all around!

  16. Andrew Colclough | Apr 14 2005 - 01:40

    I agree with Craig Patchett. It has been a couple years since I got my powerbook and its about time for a total system whipe. You know – just too much garbage lying around that I am sure I don’t need.
    Good thing I have a 200 Gig external for backing up projects…

  17. Kerry Sanders | Apr 14 2005 - 09:40

    This long-time PC user is going to be purchasing a new Power Mac G5 system sometime during the first week or two of May. Hopefully they will be shipping systems at that point with Tiger installed. If not, I will go to the Apple Store and get the Mac Up-To-Date upgrade package for $9.95.

  18. Todd | Apr 15 2005 - 06:55

    Hi Adam
    I’m also excited about Tiger, especially the Spotlight feature. I appreciate your idea of doing a show dedicated to upgrading to Tiger, and there’s a scenario I wonder if you would consider touching on in that podcast (of course, it’s my scenario).

    I have an external hard drive that I mirror my powerbook to once a week as a backup. When Tiger comes out, I’d like to make one last backup under Panther, then format the powerbook and install Tiger all fresh and new, then restore documents, mail, keychain, etc to the new installation.

    I’m wondering two things: what is the best way to prepare my old system for this, and what can I reasonably expect to port over from the backup beyond the obvious like documents, mail and bookmarks?

    Thanks, and keep up the fine and diligent work on the show.

  19. Craig Patchett | Apr 15 2005 - 11:20

    Todd has a good question…is there a utility out there that will do an analysis of your current system, backup all those application and system settings that are relevant to active software, and then restore those settings to a clean system install? In other words, I want a clean install but at the same time I don’t want to have to start over COMPLETELY from scratch.

  20. Todd | Apr 15 2005 - 09:11

    For backups I’ve been using Carbon Copy Cloner which can create a bootable backup and even prep it for Apple System Restore. Those are different deals, but it’s a start at making a comprehensive backup. As for the analysis part, I’m intending to re-install most applications, but want to hang on to as much custom data as possible between installations.