MacCast 04.20.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 52. Verizon, Cingular and Sprint turn down the iTunes phone, Rumor: iTunes Mobile ready in June, Rumor: iTunes 4.8 coming in next few weeks, Apple to open second European retail store, Apple iSync security patch released, Apple “paid” to have editor talk about iPod on TV and new PodBrix Mini fig to be released on Monday. Listener reports on getting the most out of your iPod. Listeners want to know about restoring your iPod and Mac Emulators for PC and a listener review of Mars Edit. New music, Missing Part by BuffyGirl. Your ears will never be the same. Shownotes in HTML or OPML

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  1. Craig Patchett | Apr 21 2005 - 08:05

    Podcasters should note that MarsEdit does not currently support enclosures.

  2. Ed | Apr 21 2005 - 07:33

    Great show! I’ve been listening for a month or so, but haven’t stopped by yet. Best audio quality of the Mac shows out there – and best format. I can do w/o the slide scanning and newbie tips, but it’s great that you have it for the folks for whom it’s useful.
    Keep it up:)