iTunes 4.9 Phone Trick

Written by: Adam Christianson

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This is pretty cool and was sent in from listener Jeff.

1) Open iTunes 4.9 and open the Preferences
2) You will see the Podcasting tab with the “i” Podcast icon.
3) Now change your display to only show 256 colors and watch the icon change to a “phone” icon.

iTunes Phone icon


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  1. Ken | Jul 20 2005 - 09:52

    I just tried that on my mini just now. It’s pretty cool funny thing is the phone looks like the Razr phone. Maybe the Razr phone will be upgradeable to the iTunes Moto firmware?

  2. Justin Winokur | Jul 20 2005 - 11:19

    Very cool.

  3. Conrad | Jul 20 2005 - 03:29

    It actually works – normally these suggestions just don’t. By the way, that looks like the picture i saw recently of the Motorolo white phone they’re saying might be the ROKR iTunes model. Looks cool to me!

  4. mcpaige | Jul 21 2005 - 03:12


  5. Tom | Jul 21 2005 - 04:10

    didn’t work for me…

  6. Tom | Jul 21 2005 - 04:42

    cancel that I made it work. sorry

  7. forest | Jul 21 2005 - 06:21

    very cool

  8. Arthur | Jul 21 2005 - 11:45

    Neat and interesting – Anybody got any insight about the origins of this … e.g., a developer having a little fun … Apple providing a teaser … or simply a slip up (e.g., an early Icon that did not get updated to the final Icon) … e.g., is there precedence for this kind of thing at Apple.

  9. Jeff | Jul 22 2005 - 08:59

    I think it was simply a screw-up on apples part. As u may know there are lots of hints in the iTunes 4.9 code relating to the iTunes phone. I think they just made a mistake and put the wrong image for 256 colors, but i do think that that image does belong in iTunes 4.9 but not as the podcast logo. Maybe ur right maybe this is/was where the phone tab would be and they forgot to switch out the phone icon. Also if u click on the image u’ll get an interesting overlay of the podcast logo turning gray and the phone logo

  10. Barry | Jul 23 2005 - 03:59

    could it be a crazy easter egg eluding to motorola and apple working together??

  11. Barry | Jul 23 2005 - 03:38

    Or better yet, the phone will be released on September, 13th. The 256th day of the year!? Not likely but I thought it was a funny thought.