Signs Major Multi-Podcast Sponsorship!

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: News, the top technical audio podcast resource worldwide, announced today a first of its kind sponsorship deal with, a Citrix Online product

Spokesperson Todd Cochrane says, what is significant is that this is the very first multi-podcast sponsorship deal. This agreement is a large win for our members and the network. A significant amount of work lead to getting to this day, with the network barely being 6 months old it is evident that when like minded podcasters come together and build a branded network, along with developing a legal marketable framework, with the necessary statistics reporting, then by presenting a well laid out marketing plan, we were able to sign this sponsorship deal. This solidifies our ideals that “podcasters do the work, and indeed podcasters get paid”. is uniquely positioned to deliver the message. More impressive in June the network reached 135,000 unique listeners, and saw record traffic of over 750,000 unique downloads among the 20 reporting affiliates.

This sponsorship is the perfect marketing fit, we have the technical audience, and we will be able to directly reach decision makers in the technical community. We look forward to a successful campaign and a long term relationship with is a network of independent audio content producers who have agreed to create child safe, educational content as well as work collectively to build the best collection of Technical Podcasts available on the Internet.

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  1. Justin Winokur | Jul 22 2005 - 06:06

    does this mean that we will have ads on the podcast? What exactly will the sponsorship do to or for the listeners.

    Its great for you and other podcasters who will be getting something back for their work but i am curious how this will integrate into the show

  2. chris gould | Jul 22 2005 - 11:48

    well as long as theres only 1 or 2 adds than that wouldn’t be too bad. However if you’ve ever listened to inside mac radio they have ads literally every 10 minutes!!!

  3. maccast | Jul 22 2005 - 11:22

    The members of have the option to run ads or decline. I personally have declined and have no immediate plans to include any ads in the MacCast. That said, I am also turning down the opportunity to make some really good money for all the efforts I put into the show, but that’s my choice. If everyone continues to support the show through PayPal and the Amazon links I think we can keep the MacCast ad free for a long time to come. As long as I can continue to cover my hosting, bandwidth and equipment costs I’m happy.

  4. Jesse | Jul 22 2005 - 11:09

    But what about the time spent away from your family, or away from doing other personal pursuits? How is that being covered? Make some money. You spend time doing it, and I know it’s a passion, but at the same time, nothing says it can’t be a little financially benificial as well.

  5. maccast | Jul 22 2005 - 12:06

    I appreciate the support, but I have had great listeners who have been doing that without the need to put advertisers in the mix (for now). Also there are other factors attached to accepting advertising. For example, right now if I miss a show you will understand and it’s no big deal. An advertiser would not be so forgiving. This is just one example there are many others. Don’t worry I am keeping my options open.

  6. Jason | Jul 22 2005 - 04:50

    I’m glad that there will be no ads in the MacCast podcasts. The format is very efficient right now – no bombast and no mindless filler. Inside Mac Radio is baloney compared to MacCast – way too much time wasted on ads and chat.

  7. Conrad | Jul 22 2005 - 05:24

    Maccast is pure and has a high content value. It’s worth something to us. Maybe you leave the podcasts free and put some advertising on the maccast web site? Nothing in life is free, and I’d rather you had every reason – and not just the fun of it – to keep doing your show.

  8. Justin Winokur | Jul 22 2005 - 05:14

    Honestly, my comment was just out of curiosity. As i said to Adam in private email, i wouldn;t mind one or two ads. Maybe something like “this show sponsored by” or something like that. I haven’t heard InsideMacRadio but that is more becuase the Maccast fills all my need for mac podcasts.

    I wonder if you could slowly integreate ads. Either way, i still plan to listen.

  9. ET | Jul 23 2005 - 02:54

    I wouldnt mind one in the beginning and one in the end type adverts. I know you put alot of effort into it. I dont put any effort into my podcasts and it still takes a couple hours from beginning to being online.