MacCast 08.30.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 85. Apple applies for “Made for iPod” trademark, developers expecting smooth transition to Intel, Apple secures a steady supply of G4 chips, Apple wins PC Mags People’s Choice Awards, again. Stupid iPod thief gets caught red handed at Apple store, Windows apps are running under OSX86, sort of. Record companies pushing for higher iTunes prices, Safari updated version 2.01 released and special Apple Music event planned for September 7th. Typical PC User Promo, Mac vidcast recommendations, that little black dot is reminding you it’s time to save, listener comments from Argentina on “Try it, you’ll like it” concept, “Cashmere” Macs are not warm and fuzzy, issue where listening to AAC and enhanced Podcasts requiring reboots and listener review of Kensington Slim Type Keyboard. eMacCast Artwork Contest ends 9/1 please get your entries in on the MacCast forum. New music, Out of Mind by Last Minute Ville

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  1. DarrenKeith Wyatt | Aug 30 2005 - 10:30

    Faces In The News
    Jobs’ Apple Hedges Bets With Freescale Deal
    Greg Levine, 08.29.05, 11:41 AM ET

    NEW YORK – Mac fans–fanatics? You decide: Waxing ecstatic over a plan to incorporate Intel chips had their delirium dampened this weekend.

    Led by Chief Executive Steve Jobs, Mac and iPod maker Apple Computer (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) has come to terms with Freescale Semiconductor (nyse: FSL – news – people ), for the latter to continue supplying its PowerPC microprocessors. Those are the wee yet mighty chips that vivify Apple’s notebook computers and Mac desktops.

    Jobs’ firm had announced in June that it’d transition to using semiconductors from Intel (nasdaq: INTC – news – people )–a poke in the gut not only to Freescale, but to IBM (nyse: IBM – news – people ). The hardware giant is the sole provider of the PowerPC G5 processor for Apple’s current Power Mac, Xserve and iMac G5 products, according to the Mercury News. Freescale makes the G4 processor, which is used in the company’s eMac, Mac mini, and portable gadgets.

    Freescale, which was spun off from Motorola (nyse: MOT – news – people ), agreed to supply chips for Apple orders placed through Dec. 31, 2008–a year beyond Jobs’ vision for the Intel deal. Guess it occurred to the billionaire CEO that building bridges is fine–but there’s no sense in burning the old ones just yet

    This is from the Forbes article 08/29/05

  2. Ryan | Aug 30 2005 - 01:04

    Test Drive a Mac Mini! Adam your idea cam true! well sort of.. but it is mac mini instead of an ibook, I guess that an iBook would be too much of a risk for apple. I guess they listen!

  3. Ryan | Aug 30 2005 - 01:09
  4. Marcos | Aug 31 2005 - 02:40


    Your desire has come true.! Congrats! Let´s hope this time is a great sucess. I have been a Switcher myself 2 years ago and since I have converted at least 10 persons. (Family + Friends). I think that the biggest complain from Switcher is the one button mouse and that the manual is very short and useless for a Switcher. I think Apple could incorporate a DVD or a movie inside the new Mac (that you can erase when you want) with a detailed explanation of the basics of a Mac for a Swither explaning how to use finder…email….how to swithc between aplications…that the menues are on top.
    My experience is that all the switcher I convinced needed like at least 2/3 hours of support daily in their first week. All this could be done with a movie that if they include it in the hard drive it would only cost Apple the development.
    They could also include a good manual for people that a new for mac…just a nice PDF that the people could print for themselfes. I think this would support a lot the newbie with a very little cost to apple.

  5. Paul | Aug 31 2005 - 11:37

    I am having the iPod lockup problem also. I have not seen it with Audible. I did not have a problem until I was using Podcasts. I know that it will happen no matter which Podcast I listen to, enhanced or not, because it happened while you had the weekend off and all my other Podcasts are not enhanced. I have an iPod Photo 60Gb.

  6. Victor Cajiao | Aug 31 2005 - 01:27

    Adam and MAC Cast listeners, yes indeed I have purchased a MAC Mini and in essence have become at least part switcher. Although my podcast is primarily geared towards the PC user, I am going to cover my conversion efforts through my podcast in a segment that I will do at least a few times per month called “The Switcher Chronicles” here I will talk about the good, bud and even ugly (if I run into any) and also share my overall experinece as a new MAC owner. So for now if you haven’t listened to my podcast, please come on by at By the way Adam, I do now own, just in case the switch becomes final in the future.

    Victor Cajiao

  7. Kevin Spencer | Aug 31 2005 - 06:19

    I know this is a pain on the iPod lockup problem.
    This is how I handled it. (Past tense because I used this ‘hack’ and it went away after a few weeks)
    It seemed to only ‘deep sleep’ when I paused “bookmarkable” files. (ie Podcasts)

    I made a Playlist with one short song inside.
    When ever I was going to leave the iPod for a while, I would “Menu” out and find that “single song’ playlist.

    I would play that song and let the iPod go to sleep. It would play on out and go to sleep. But it would never “deep sleep’ after I played the single song. AND all my bookmarks on the podcasts would still be there.

  8. mark | Sep 01 2005 - 12:56

    Like Paul, I have a 60GB iPod Photo that is locking up sporadically. Never happened before iTunes 4.9 and Podcasts – a real pain in the a*&.
    Let’s hope Apple can identify and fix this annoying problem.